New Files, new Patchwork Creations, a new Book …

There are so many news! It will be a longer post.

But one after the other.

And before I start I want to thank you all for the feedback on our first BOM. It is overwhelming to read all your mails, comments both in Blog and on Facebook, to talk to you on phone. So many of you now started our joint project „Little Village Quilt“. The next blocks are already prepared so expect the next ones on-time.

Our Pinterest-Galerie started filling up, don’t stop sharing your ideas. Send me your pictures and I will upload them.

And now the news.

First news of course is todays new embroidery file. As you are aware of  on the market are only a few really good collections for little boys. So we decided to add our contribution for those little mischiefs.

I have the sketches in my desk for 3 years now. All the time they asked me: „C’mon, we want to get digitized“.

So the art work is done by Simsalabina.


I also want to take the chance to thank some of my Facebook friends for the spontaneous help-out in testing the files.

They, and my other testers again created a lot of cute design samples. Have a look at our Construction samples.

The new boys collection „Under Construction“ is available from today in our Stickbaer Shop.


As I already said I am already done with BOM 2 and 3. But I also sewed and quilted some more things for our home.


This pillow is now on the bench in our dining room. Most time used by our cat Lilo. The table runner is for the dining table.

Table-Runner-2 Table-Runner-3

The appliques are done the classic way: ironed on to Vlisofix and applyed with comb stitch.

I cutted all out using the Accuquilt. Not only the flowers and leaves but also the squares.

It is so easy.


The quilting I did with my Sashiko.


I love all those little and big helpers, like the Accuquilt, the Sashiko, of course the sewing accessories like rulers in many sizes, cutters, stencils …

What I love too are my many books. I have a shelf in the living room with all my creativity books only.

There are authors where I am buying all issues. These include Debbie Mumm, Finnanger, Marie Suarez, Ute Menze…

I love to page through them. I am not working through the books from the beginning til the end. Sometimes it is only just a tiny detail that inspires my to totally new things. Like the above table runner. I found the quilted squares in one book and got a project.

Some books I have in my sewing room just because the are looking good.

One of my recent books is „Die fabelhafte Welt meiner Nähmaschine“  bySylvie Blondeau. (The fabulous world of my sewing machine)

This book has a different to me concept. You can not only position it upwards so you can read it when you are on your machine. You can read it from beginning to the end and vice versa.


When starting with the first pages I am learning a lot about my sewing machine like


  • Setting
  • Functions
  • How to thread
  • Feets
  • Basic stitches
  • and much more

Fabelhafte-Welt-2When turning the book and starting with the last pages I find cute sewing instructions for a pillow, a sun hat, a top for mom and kid, more decoration.


This is really a nice book. Sure the content is not targeting you professionals. But a nice idea, looking great and a perfect gift for a sewing starter.

I already know whom to give …


So, that’s really enough for today. Maybe next week I will present a small detail of the August block?

Today I wish you a nice weekend, when you already have holidays, enjoy them!

Liebe Freitagsgrüße




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