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  • This Years Christmas Stocking

    This Years Christmas Stocking

    It already became a tradition that we in the time before christmas present a new Christmas Stocking  that you can embroider in your embroidery machine. Back in 2010 we startet our series of ITH stockings that are completely done in your embroidery machine. Here are some examples, like this 2013 stocking, a modern, stylish version: The […]

  • Wonderful Autumn

    Wonderful Autumn

    Here I’m back again. Shame on me, I enjoyed this great summer so much and did not waste any thought on staying at the desk or computer. And the last 3 weeks were the top of this summer: 3 weeks holiday, 3 weeks doing nothing serious, 3 weeks enjoying life. As the other years we […]

  • Handlook Flowers

    Handlook Flowers

    By nature I am not a patient girl. Long running projects? Not with me! While doing a long running project there are so many new ideas coming to my mind that I cannot stop. A sad example is my Tiny Town Quilt project. Maybe this changes when I am 70 or 80 or even 90? Maybe! The […]

  • Shabby HOME and Shabby LOVE

    Shabby HOME and Shabby LOVE

    The last and this week we are dealing with letters, pillow covers and the shabby style. Last week we showed to you the „Shabby HOME“ files, you can get them already in our shop. It is so easy: Embroider the 4 letters onto a piece of fabric and sew a pillow cover with this fabric. Already now you […]

  • Lavender Bags

    Lavender Bags

    http://www.stickbaer.de/en/New/Lavender-Bags.htmlAs you can see I am still envolved in the „Provence“ story. It was really great. And now, lavander is in full bloom. How much I would love to return there to South France. And because my feeling is such, but I have to stay in rainy Bavaria, I created suitable embroidery files 😉 Our […]

  • Rose et Lavande

    Rose et Lavande

    I am sure you have read my trip report last week. I rhapsodized about our trip to Provence. And as you might think these days in Southern France inspired me a lot. So why not to create a Lavender embroider file?! And because the lavender is not yet in bloom, but the roses are in full […]

  • Pineapple Quilts

    Pineapple Quilts

    Sure you’ve already read one or the other post about my own Pineapple Quilt blocks, like this one:  here. I love quilt blocks, and so I thought it should be possible to do them also in the embroidery machine. Yes, it is, and it looks this: I sewed (embroidered) 4 identical blocks and joined them […]

  • Some more Shabby Roses

    Some more Shabby Roses

    I was asked over the last weeks if I could offer the roses used in the Roses-Egg Cosies, the Roses-Teapot warmers and the Roses-Mugrugs as a separate Roses Collection. So I am glad that I today can fulfill this wish, even in 2 hoop sizes. For enhancements of girls dresses, pot and bottle warmers, trivets, … and 100,000 more ideas what you you can doo with roses. Therefore the roses in the 10x10cm variant my fit perfectly.

  • Shabby Style Pot Warmer

    Shabby Style Pot Warmer

    Do you know this: You have brewed up a pot of tea with a lovely smell in the air. Aaaahhh… Great stuff in this cold time, when it is rainy and windy outside. But some time later the rest of the tea is lukewarm only and it tastes only half as tasty. What a shame. How useful is a tea pot warmer, careing for the hot tea and looking great with embroidered roses.

  • Roses on your Breakfast Table

    Roses on your Breakfast Table

    For me the breakfast is the best meal at all. Especially the weekend breakfast It all starts with that he house is silent in the morning. I am the first in our family the stand up, because I want to enjoy this silence. At the weekend, I am setting the alarm clock to not miss the silent hour. Only the cats are there, they are quite and talk not too much 😉 Main point for them: their food! After the cats the order is on me. Prepare a Cappucino, get the newspaper to the table and reading a little to reading much. Then, laying the table for my men. The younger will get up only shortly before noon. Depending on the yesterday evening.