Join us sewing a Quilt

Yes, you are reading this right 🙂

Join us in sewing. And embroidering of course!

At the end you will be the owner of a Quilt, a patchwork blanket. A very special, with rich embroidery and colorful.

And since I know how much work it is to make a big quilt and some of you would shy away from such big project because of the complexity and the work it takes we will do it piece for piece. It will take the time it needs, all in all 1 year.

The patchworkers among you already know the term BOM. It is not thud, it is the abbreviation for  Block of the Month.

For a BOM-Quilt the participants get a instruction for a new block every month. And this block will be sewed the same moment. Usually over a period of 12 months. And only at the end all know how the quilt looks like.

Of course we have to do this a little bit different, since our main interest is embroidery. But we will keep it as thrilling as the patchworkes do. And you too will only know after 12 months how your ready made quilt will look like.

And you know me good, I cannot keep a secret for a long time. So here is the frame.


This is how your patchwork plate could look like. It consists of 12 blocks, each with detailed and beautiful embroidery.

All motifs will cover the quilt theme „Little Village“ and hence we name our quilt this:

„Little Village Quilt“.

Here you can see the first 3 motifs, they are available from today in our Stickbaer Shop.


Embroider all 3 blocks onto a fabric of your choice.


Each file matches the 13x18cm hoop, for all files you need 30×30 cm fabric.

Now lets sew.


When you like you can do a little quilting already now:


Maybe a running stitch around the single appliques?


This accentuates the motifs.


Adding a thick batting makes the motif look plastic.


This the block looks like when ready.


And when you are as busy as a bee every month and finish your block every month after one year you can sew the blanket. This will be a unique piece of crafting. For life.

This month you get in the complete collection all 3 applique embroidery files and the all-explaining 11 pages instruction. This instruction contains many hints so even patchworking beginners can make the blocks with no problems.

Of course there is the measures for the fabrics you need for the whole quilt.

It is of help when you already have some experience in sewing. When you even worked with rotary cutter and cutting ruler, great.

During the next 10 months you buy only next 3 appliques. The instruction applies for all blocks.

Together with the 12th block files you will get a detailed instruction how to assemble the single blocks according to the „Quilt as you go“ method. This method, to create a quilt by sewing together single quilt blocks is very simple and you will like it. The method allows to prepare all blocks, including batting and back side fabric.

Using this technique front side and back side look pretty.

How to do this I will tell you with block 12.


Ahh. I understand. You already have blankets en mass. But you find the motifs so cute and want to have them, but don’t need the instruction. No problem, we bundled also a mini collection with only the 3 detailed embroidery files.

Both collections you get from today in our Stickbaer Shop.


Especially for this project we opened a dedicated board on Pinterest, dedicated only for the „Little Village Quilt BOM“. There we will collect over the next 12 months your blocks. So you can follow all the others what they are creating and how they are doing this. See the quilt growing.

Send us your pictures of your blocks, we will upload them for you. This will be a manyfold and colored board and we will have a lot of fun.

And now enjoy the first BOM.

I wish you a nice weekend.

Viele liebe Freitagsgrüße



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3 Antworten zu „Join us sewing a Quilt“

  1. Cell

    Will this pattern and help include adding smashing and border?

    1. Yes, I will add smashing and border with the last block

      Best regards

  2. Paula Portanova

    I have all 12 blocks but all of my instructions came in another language can anyone email me them in English.

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