Vintage Sewing

Do you like nostalgic, old-fashioned things like me?

I love them. Especially everything that has to do with sewing.

All started with an ancient Singer sewing machine. I learned sewing on it when I was 10. The machine was in the sleeping room of my parents.

This machine still exists, my mam, who got it from her mam, handed it on to me. Unfortunately it is still in our cellar. First, we don’t have space for it, second, it urgently needs restauration.


What a pitty! there is even a little box with a lot of sewing feet. It is amazing to see that they already has this in the past (whatever past means).


So many feet!


I don’t know what they all are doing. I should try them.

But as said, the Singer needs some restauration.


And since this is done I am embroidering a vintage sewing machine for me 😉

In our latest embroidery file we have a really nostalgic, squiggled sewing machine.


And a lot more sewing accessories like bobbins, pin cushions, sissors, thimble and dress form.

I embroidered the dress form onto a cover for my sketch book.


Adding a little ribbon and a knob shows what the book is for.


This is the place where I am collecting my ideas for embroidery files.

It is well filled.


For my Sashiko, that is sometimes loud I did a felt mat and embroidered it. Stickbaer-Vintage-Sewing-Tati-4 Stickbaer-Vintage-Sewing-Tati-5

The pin cushion I will give to a friend, I have too many of them.


As you can see our embroidery file is manifold.

I am sure you have already your own ideas.

The file contains 9 different embroidery motifs, all for the 10x10cm hoop. In addition, the dress form and the sewing machine are available for the 13x18cm hoop. So all-in-all you get 11 embroidery files. From today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Please share your creations. Send me your pictures, I will publish them on our Facebook-Seite and in our Stickbaer-Gallery.

And for now, enjoy your weekend.

Liebe Grüße



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