Tutorial: How to create my own Handmade-Labels?

There are lots of woven ribbons and labels available on the market. But nothing looks prettier then the own label!

Our sewed things look yet more personalized. And you can use your own colors and your own motifs on your favourite ribbons.
Stickbaer-Handmade-Minis-Tati-3 Stickbaer-Handmade-Minis-Tati-4

With our latest embroidery file „Handmade-Minis“ this is all easy. All you need is a 10x10cm hoop.

Take one of the all in all 16 embroidery motifs and put it to your embroidery machine.Handmade-Label

Clamp tear away stabilizer into your hoop and embroider the first sequence.

No matter what color you use for the thread. You will remove it later with the stabilizer.

You only should see the lines.


Now place 4 pieces of 10cm ribbon on the 4 markings.

Look out for your remnants!

I am using white linon (makes it hard to see on the below pic):


The stripes are solid so I only have to fixate them with tape on every end:


Now let your machine embroider the 4 words „Handmade“ and the hearts and flowers.


The only thing left is to remove the stabilizer, and you are done. Cut the stripes to the wished length.

That’s it, 4 labels at one time.


When your woven ribbon is thin and „flittering“ you better use self-adhesive stabilizer. Do the markers and remove the stabilizer cover between each two markers.

Put the stripes there.


Again, remove all stabilizer after embroidering and cut the ends.

Sometimes the woven ribbon is fraying at the ends. You can use a lighter. Carefully hold the end to the flame for a moment.


It took me 10 minutes to make my own labels.


Of course I am using them immediately.

For 3 friends I prepared some cosmetics and put these to a basket of fabric I did by myself.
Stickbaer-Handmade-Minis-Tati-5 Stickbaer-Handmade-Minis-Tati-6

The „Handmade“ label shows to my friends that the content was made with love. Stickbaer-Handmade-Minis-Tati-7

And there is even more in our „Handmade-Minis“ collection:

  • 13 wonderful tiny embroidery motifs
  • 2 patches „Handmade with Love“, one open edged, the other as satin stitch edged applique
  • 4 Handmade labels


Do you like it?

From today on you can get the „Handmade-Minis“ in our Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy the weekend and be creative!

Liebe Grüße



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