So many mugrugs!

Yesterday I presented to you the first new embroidery file for this week, the „Little Cottage Mugrug“.

Today I have another little house for you, especially for those who like quilting (as I do).


Do you se the little quilt hanging on the clothesline in the wind.


You can use the Quilt Store the same way like the Little Cottage house, as wall cover, mugrug, sachet, …

Margit for example did a welcome plate for the entry door. She replaced the name by her own.

Isn’t it a cute idea?

Quiltstore-Mugrug-4Cornelia did a sachet, filled with lavender, maybe? I can smell it…

Quiltstore-Mugrug-6A special thank today goes to Jan.

Yes, he is a man!

My testers circle got backed-up by Jan who did all the fotografs in the tutorials that are sold as part of the Little Cottage and Quilt Store packages.

And of course many thanks to Kasia, who professionally translated the tutorials into English.

What would I do without my helpers!!!

One of them is my husband. Not only he is looking at all my new creations and listening to my explanations (without rolling eyes). He is also doing those video tuts for you.

Look at this. Watch the house growing in the new video.


The 2 new files

„Little Cottage Mugrug“


„Quiltstore Mugrug“

can be found today in the Shop.

As for every week we have a Deal of the week.

Many of you already embroidered the „Crochet Style“ flowers. They are looking like they were made by hand. But, no crochet needle is needed, only an embroidery machine.

It is so easy. Do you like some „kick-off“? Have a look at this tutorial: Crochet Style.


I wish you all a nice and lovely weekend.

Liebe Grüße






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