My Tiny Town Quilt – Growing up

I was not working on my Tiny Town the last days. This was mainly caused by that I was waiting for cotton fleece.

I decided to go for the „Quilt as you go“ method. In this all blocks will be finished for themselves, each completely with front, fleece and back side. And all quilting done.

How they finally will be put together I will show you later. See what I already quilted on my first block.

Do you see it. Around the flower, the houses and the tree.


Earlier I promised you to show you pictures of the applique technique that is looking like made by hand (and hence nearly invisible).

First I transfered the motif to Freezer Paper and cut it out, here the inside of the garage.


Then I ironed the Freezer Paper onto my fabric and cut this out. The place that later should overlap, I cut without allowance. The places, where I want to apply, I left around 0.6 cm allowance.

Cutting all out, iron-turn the allowances, leave the Freezer Paper.


After it cooled down I removed the Freezer Paper and carefully sprayed the back side with iron spray. Makes it very easy to iron it.

Surely this works without the spray and pins.


Now I mount the applique foot to my sewing machine and select the Blind pass. I select transparent Monofil thread as face thread and bobbin as lower thread.

The blind stitch is really small, 0.9 mm wide and 0.8 mm long.

The fabric edge to be applyed is placed to the right edge of the foot.


Most of the time the needle is stitching to the right. So the fabric is grabbed only a bit. The seam is invisible through the monofil thread.


Can you see something?


The rooftop is not so easy to do, because I had to iron it before. No problem.


The garage is ready in bare brickwork 😉 This evening I will embroidery windows and doors, and maybe apply the next house.

So stay tuned…


And now I continue my vacation.

Never it was raining days long, and it is so cold, and we are at vacation. Our child is on tour with grand parents, we are on our own.

The plan was to bicycle, gardening, geocaching … all these things you can do outside.

But there is still a week left, maybe sun is coming out.

Jetzt genieße ich mal unseren Urlaub weiter…

I didn’t know that even Bavaria has a rain period..

I wish you all sunny weather.

Liebe Grüße



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