Handmade with roses

… that’s the name of our new embroidery motif.

This is a number of delicate motifs made in cross stitch technique. Some labels are added as well. You can do them in one step in one colour. So you can for example decorate the backs of your embroidered works or sew it into the inside pocket of handbags.

Handmade with roses-kl

The larger rose and the rosebud are each twice.

The first version there are really great crosses, that is a very special style and looks then like this.

The stitches are each running 3-fold and with 30s cotton yarn which then looks really nostalgic.


The slightly smaller roses fit into the 10×10 frame and are also embroidered with cotton thread, the crosses are smaller and look like tapestry.

From the tiny rose, which is also the slightly larger cross stitch, I’ve compiled a long braid and decorated a pillow.


This I will give to my mom as birthday present.


The charming Rose fabrics are from the collection „Rosies Love Letters“, which you can here in Stoffekontor.

The small lavender pillow that I have shown you on Wednesday, is presented in this box.


Of course, self made.


The whole birthday is under the theme „Rose“, that’s why also the greeting card is decorated with such:


I give rather than to get gifts, I can hardly wait for what the recipient says.

And that’s why I’m looking forward to the weekend already.

I wish you all also 2 great days off.

Love Fridays Greetings

Liebe Freitagsgrüße


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