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  • Cross stitch – Like handmade

    Cross stitch – Like handmade

    Oh, I love cross stitch. They remember me of the past, the real past, when I was not yet born. They are so nostalgic. Sometimes I even do cross stitch embroidery by hand. But most of the time I am too impatient. How about you? Do you want to create „handmade“ embroidery without spending so […]

  • Vintage Cross Stitch Bags ITH

    Vintage Cross Stitch Bags ITH

    Christmas not only is a traditional event for many people but also an event where we give presents to our beloved. We wrap the gifts in colorful paper and ribbons and place them under the christmas tree. And when the christmas eve or morning is over there is left only a pile of paper, that […]

  • Cross Stitches, Vintage.

    Cross Stitches, Vintage.

    Last week you loved our latest ITH collection „Nordish Cross Stitch ITH“ so much. Many thanks for the warm emails, and thanks for your orders, of course. The nostalgic charme of the ITH hearts and stars comes from their cross stitches, do you agree? do you like to embroider them onto other things as well? […]

  • Nordish Cross Stitch

    Nordish Cross Stitch

    I like clear colors, checkered and striped fabric and cross stitch. When all comes together: perfect! For our new embroidery file we combined simple, handmade looking cross stitch with the latest fabrics from the collection „Bergen“ by Westfalenstoffe. The result is the „Nordish Cross Stitch ITH“ collection, a set of 7 different wonderful hearts and stars […]

  • My new Roses Bag

    My new Roses Bag

    Sometimes it simply takes some time. That’s why this bag became a year project of mine. The really great pattern I got from Machwerk. It is their bag „Arya“. I cutted out and embroidered to bag’s pieces already one year ago. Yes, you are reading right, one year. Then something different came to my mind … and […]

  • Rose kitchen, romantic gomes in to the kitchen

    Rose kitchen, romantic gomes in to the kitchen

    The last days I had shown you many new things, I had embroidered with the crosstich motives of my new file. Now you can buy the new embroidery files in our shop. I want to present them to you in the following. The file is so manifold! Along with the crosstich motives you can also […]

  • Something for the wall? For the couch ? For the taste?

    Something for the wall? For the couch ? For the taste?

    A kitchen isn’t only a functional room, it has to look great too. Anyhow it is like this in my kitchen… Cause of this I thought, that a little bit useless things is perfect for every kitchen. For example a hanger like this one… So that everyone knows for which room it is, it is written in big […]

  • Safe covered baking book

    Safe covered baking book

    At Sunday I have shown you my favorite baking book. It is so wonderful pink, it is so nice to look at! But after a few years it wouldn’t still look so pretty like now. That would be so bad :(. A nice cover will be fine to protect it … A cover like this for example? Made […]

  • Weekend Needle and Paper Work

    Weekend Needle and Paper Work

    How was your weekend? Could you stay in your sewing room, at this bright weather? Or did you like me and brought your sewing utensils to the fresh air? The table on our terace is big enough. Not only for my crochet yarn, paints, glue, pencils, paper and sissors, even for the rocket models. On […]

  • Sewing Alphabet Free design – Wanna peek?

    Honestly, the weather is to nice sit at your computer or in your sewing room. Nevertheless! So I created a new alphabet for the Bernina blog. You are invited to collect on every Wednesday another letter. Here you can see the first 3: And today at 8 I started. Here you can find the very […]