Geschenke verzieren mit Weihnachts-Labels

I like gifts. More then getting some I like making gifts to others.

I cannot wait to surprise somebody. Sometimes I am even giving (by chance) hints on the gifts I am planning or preparing.

The last step in making gifts is packing them. There I am really spending effort.

When taking brown paper I can focus on the decorations.

Ribbons, borders, labels and more.

Or I am sewing little bags and pack the gift there in.

Of course the labels are done by myself.Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-1

Often done from paper, or, like these, embroidered onto wool felt.Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-2

And for many gifts I need a lot of labels.Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-3

So it comes handy to make them in my embroidery machine. So they are done perfectly.

I only have to cut them out.
Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-6And attach them to the gift.

So many gifts and labels.Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-7

At the end I created 10 labels.

You can wish a German „FrohesFest“ or a Norwegian and Swedisch „God Jul“.Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-8„Merry Christmas“ of course!

Or you can say it without words, using stars, baubles or a winter glove.
Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-9 Stickbaer-Weihnachtslabels-Tati-10

Our new embroidery file is for the 10x10cm hoop, so everybody can do them.


And you can get them all immediately in our Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy this first Advent weekend!

Liebe vorweihnachtliche Grüße



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