Cooking with your Heart

Cooking with your Heart does not only mean to put all your love into a dish. Also all the utensils and accessories should look great and beautiful.

Like these oven gloves:


They are embroidered different roses and buttons on them.


And of course they not only look great, they are very useful.

Instead of a thick batting you can use a heat resistant material like Thermolam. then you can use your new oven gloves in your daily kitchen work.


With our embroidery collection you can embroider 4 different oven gloves:

2 different gloves, one for each hand and …


…2 different heart gloves to slide in.



You can chose from 2 hoop sizes.

Size 1 is for the 16x26cm hoop. This size is for teenager and small to medium women’s hands.

Here you can compare size 1 and 2.


Size 2 is for common sized hands up to big hands (it even fits the Stickbaer’s hands).

To embroider size 2 you need a 18x30cm hoop.

My personal glove size is 6 so the above size 1 for the 16x26cm hoop is perfect for me.

Of course you can get both sizes in a package. From today, in our Stickbaer Shop.

For sure our Rose Oven Gloves are perfect from the inside as from the outside. They are fully lined and no seams are visible.

The wonderful fabrics I took from the „Hello Darling“ collection of Moda that you can get here at Stoffekontor. Thank you, Stoffekontor for the great fabrics!!!

Enjoy your winter weekend und seid lieb gegrüßt



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