Christmas Toys

Today we open a toy shop 😉

Not really. I only want to present you our latest embroidery files that can be used as toys for the kiddies. Then of course you should leave the bells and other loose stuff away.

With our latest file you can create hearts with angel wings, small and bigger gingerbread men, stars, christmas trees flat or in 3D. Not to forget the elves stockings…


Put the wings to the gingerbread man, or leave them alone, as decoration.Stickbaer-Weihnachtsspielereien-Tati-1

Or attach them to the heart.

Isn’t this a colorful christmas toy world?Stickbaer-Weihnachtsspielereien-Tati-2

The little pom-poms on the fir are the christmas baubles.Stickbaer-Weihnachtsspielereien-Tati-3

Everywhere tiny baubles.

And red-white cord…Stickbaer-Weihnachtsspielereien-Tati-4

Isn’t this is goodly fir tree? We stacked the 5 different stars contained in the package, joined them with a thick string in the middle and decorated the ready tree.

This is so easy!

Or you place 2 stars one on the other and pack them as a present.

Done is a jingling 3D star.Stickbaer-Weihnachtsspielereien-Tati-6

Romatic hearts with wings …Stickbaer-Weihnachtsspielereien-Tati-7 Stickbaer-Weihnachtsspielereien-Tati-8This is our fir forrest …Stickbaer-Weihnachtsspielereien-Tati-9

The Christmas Toys are perfect for decorating a door wreast.

This one I prepared for my Anja of Stoffekontor and gave it to her last week during my BERNINA-software course.

She immediately hanged it to the white house door.


Do you like our Toy Shop?

From today you can get all 14 files in our Stickbaer Shop.

Let’s go playing … no, embroidering 😉

I wish you a great weekend.

Liebe Grüße



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