Christmas Door Plate

I am sure you  were already waiting: After the Little-Cottage-Welcome-House and the Autumn-Welcome-House we now also have a Welcome House for the christmas season.

With garlands of fi, candle and more to welcome a guest to your home.


We have a real Christmas village for you:

From the left in 18x30cm, then 16x26cm and on the right in 13x18cm.Stickbaer-Christmas-Welcome-House-Tati-1The house in big (20×36) and small (13×18)

Every file comes with the script „Welcome“ in English or „Willkommen“ in German.Stickbaer-Christmas-Welcome-House-Tati-2Here you can see all 4 sizes together.
Stickbaer-Christmas-Welcome-House-Tati-3 Stickbaer-Christmas-Welcome-House-Tati-4This shot makes the differences in size visible.

You can decide for one size, for 2 or 3, or you opt for the super package containing all 4 sizes.Stickbaer-Christmas-Welcome-House-Tati-6

We wish you a lot of fun with the new welcome house, be it small or big.

Many Greetings and enjoy your weekend.



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