Cheating Paper Piecing

In this former post I already reported about my trials with hexies. The little basket is still doing it’s job and is taking anything flying around.

As I am not that patient when it comes to new techniques I was looking for a way to sew together hexagons using the Paper Piecing technique in my sewing machine.

It is easier as I thought it would be.

First cut out the paper patterns and the fabrics you want to use. I am cutting the fabrics with my Accuquilt, there I have a punch in 3 sizes. This is very useful.

Place the pattern on the fabric, turn the corners and fixate all with pins, paper clips or such clips as on the picture. The blue ones are from Snaply.

Now fixate the fabrics on the paper with a few running stitches, so you can remove the former fixation (pins and clips).


Find your order for your hexies. Replacing only 2 can change the whole impression a lot.


Now lets move to the sewing machine.

Chose a stitch similiar to this one below. This should run left and right from the middle line, and if possible in the middle as well. Or you use a zigzag. Width should be 2-2.1.

Face thread transparent monofil, bobbin acc. to your fabric.


Chose a foot with middle guidance, on my Bernina I am using the No. 10. Put your hexies edge to edge, no overlap. The guidance of the foot should run inbetween.

Now start sewing very slowly. The transparent thread is sticked right and left in the hexies thus joining them together invisibly.


Do this to all hexies.


For all.


Leave the paper and the tacking thread on the hexies, only when all is done you can remove them.


Over the weekend I created some smaller things with mini hexies.


I think no one can see if they are done by hand or with the sewing machine.


Of course I did some quilting too. On the back of the cosmetic pouch is a little quilted rose.

So now I have a real set of hexie things 😉


And I did some stirring as well this weekend.

This time I tryed to make my own Lush „Gorgeous“ face creme. It is smellling the same, looking the same and feels super on my skin. Using Neroli water, honey, avocado oil, olive oil and more.

I am still testing.

Habt alle noch einen schönen Sonntag.

Liebe Grüße



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