Something for the wall? For the couch ? For the taste?

A kitchen isn’t only a functional room, it has to look great too. Anyhow it is like this in my kitchen…

Cause of this I thought, that a little bit useless things is perfect for every kitchen.

For example a hanger like this one…


So that everyone knows for which room it is, it is written in big letters in the middle of the hanger.


This embroidery you can find in the new embroidery file wich you can buy from friday in our shop

You only have to embroider it at a nice piece of fabric, maybe you can sew a border on it,

sew in two loops and hang it up.


If you want to do it perfectly, you could sew in a little  braid.


This you can find of course too in the wonderful embroidery file.


Perfectly matching to the hanger I had sewed a pillow.

But it didn’t find a matching place in my Little kitchen. so I have to put it at our bank in the dining room.


The braid made with crosstich you can repeat as often as you like.

All patterns can be combined together.


All motives are made with cotton yarn. That looks like being hand made from your grandma.


So comfortable I had used my wonderfully decorated kitchen for baking.

Who is following my blog already already knows that I love baking.

This time I had baked flower Cookies.


Of course this wasn’t all, exactly twelve I had  made. I think that they will be fresh for some days.

With my new cutter I had a lot of fun this time I have made many Butterflys.


Next time I will make hearts.

Nice greatings



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