Winter Stars and my new Embroidery Training

For sure you know Christmas stars and snow stars… What about Winter Stars?

Do you know them?

Let me show you my idea of Winter Stars:


They are tender, filigree and fragile.

The satin stitches are looking like little pearls. You can see this best in the star collection for the 10x10cm hoop.

Can you see my yellow pearls?


The motifs for this oven cloth are taken from the 18x30cm file.



Of course I made these stars also for the 13x18cm hoop. You can chose from 3 different sizes. Or you save and take them discounted in one of our bundles?



From today on you can get our Winter Stars in 3 sizes and 2 sets in our Stickbaer Shop.


While you are reading these lines I am on the road, again. This time in direction to Leipzig Stoffekontor.

It is time for me to hold my every-year November Bernina Embroidery Software training. This year we are talking about V7.

As the course was full so early, and there are so many on the waiting list, I will repeat the course next year. Again with Anja in Stoffekontor.

I love her, and of course I stay at her comfortable home.

Presents for Anja and her 3 daughters are prepared and packed.


The course material is ready as well…


… and the USB stick loaded with all files and graphics needed for the course.


I wish you all a nice weekend, enjoy the time and be creative!

Liebe Grüße



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