Winter House – Christmas Freebie No. 3

On sunday we have already the 3rd Advent. Means to light the next candle then.

Our 3rd Christmas Freebie we are giving to you already today.

Do  you remember our Christmas house? Last year this was one of our giveaways.

This year you can download a Winter house. This is easy to embroider and done within a few minutes. So you can use it for this years decoration.


You can fill it with wadding to create a knobbly house. Or you integrate fleece. This the house is thin and you could use it as mugrug.

When ready it is 18cm high. The file is for the 13x18cm hoop.

Place the fabric of choise together with cut-away fleece to your hoop.

Do the first color, this is the houses edge and the marker for the window.


Apply the window: Place the fabric, embroider, cut away leftover.


The next color uses a satin stitch to close the edges and embroiders the window cross.

When applying the door please remember to not cut the fabric on the bottom.


Now you will finish the house including the snow and the stars.


Before the final step place the backside fabric on top and do one round.


Now you can remove your creation from the hoop and cut it. Leave 0.5cm allowance. At the turn opening you can leave a little bit more. This will ease the closing.


Fill the house with wadding, close the opening. Sew on a ribbon to the rooftop. I also attached a little bell.

Attach what you like to the house.


When you do not plan to stuff the house you should in the step before the last attach the backside fabric first …


…and then the badding.


The final embroidery will join all 3 layers together and after turning it you have a flat house to hang it at the wall or a mugrug for the winter tea.

Both are superb gifts, not only for Christmas.


Now the time is on you. Go and download your copy. The Zip file contains the embroidery file in 6 different formats and a PDF file with colors, steps and the templates.


I wish you a nice 3rd Advent weekend.





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7 Antworten zu „Winter House – Christmas Freebie No. 3“

  1. marian

    Thank you love your designs

  2. Des In Australia.

    Thank you!

  3. Thanks so much. I love all of your work so much and appreciate the freebies you generously give! Merry Christmas!

  4. Patsy Smith

    Thanks so much and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  5. Cathy W

    What a pretty little design found a link to your from Cute Embroidery. Thank you for such a cute little house that can be used in several ways. Alabama USA

  6. Breck

    I love the one from last year, and this year is even cuter

  7. SueZ

    Thank you for the Christmas freebies. Love your work.

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