The 2nd Freebie and some more bags

We are happy that you liked our 1. Christmas freebie so much.

So today we have another present for you.

The cute fawn and the christmas bunny are right for the 10x10cm hoop.

Aren’t they cute both?

Directly here you can download them in many mebroidery formats with the color change overview:


We hope you like them as much as you liked the gingerbread man last week.


Of course we wont miss to present our new embroidery file. You liked the Christmas Bags last week. From design, they are more for the adults, with a little embroidery on them, and so.

Today, we present you colorful „Winter-Wonder-Bags“, that are made right for our children.

No matter what is in the bag! The bag is the star 😉


And to have bags big enough we made them not only for the 13x18cm hoop, but also for the 16x26cm hoop.

Here you can see the difference:


We decided for 4 different motives:

The Christmas elf, the cute deer with the red nose, the Santa and the bobby hat are filling the lower part of the bag. So after filling and closing the bag they show their full beauty.


Of course one may use them for decoration.

Just fill some wadding and close them, and you have „deco bags“.Stickbaer-Winter-Wunder-Tueten-Tati-2What about to use them for the advent calendar. Next year , only, I must confess.Stickbaer-Winter-Wunder-Tueten-Tati-4 Stickbaer-Winter-Wunder-Tueten-Tati-6You can embellish the bags a lot. Glue a pompom to the nose of Santa.Stickbaer-Winter-Wunder-Tueten-Tati-8

Sew a bell to the hat of the elf. This jingles when the bag is moved.Stickbaer-Winter-Wunder-Tueten-Tati-9

If you can’t decide what size to chose you can select the package.

Enjoy our new files and the 2nd Christmas Freebie.

We wish you a wonderful weekend and 3rd Advent.

Liebe Grüße



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  1. sewdelish

    Thank you so much these are gorgeous

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