Our smelling Christmas Freebie

Do you like the smell of Christmas? Cookies are smelling after cinnamon and butter, the tea after spices. On the Christkindlmarket there is a challenge between the almond roasters and the sellers of hot wine punch. The incense smoker are distributing their incense candles.

Our 4th Christmas Freebie has it’s own smell, depending what you are using to fill it.


Like our other Christmas freebies it is done very fast. Sure you don’t have that much time the last days before Christmas.

Clamp the backing together with the fabric to the hoop. Do the edge of the mugrug and the 1st placement line for the side.


Place a 5cm piece of fabric right to right, with 0.5cm overlapping.


The next round fixes the fabric…


… , then turn it. Flatten it, maybe with a mini iron.


Do the same with the opposite side.


Repeat this with the other 2 stripes.

Your sewing machine will stop after each step, I used different colors. Of course you can use one color for the whole mugrug.


All 4 bands attached.


Now one squared round to fix the fabric.


Now we apply the heart.

You already know to apply, if not, please read here.


Now we need only attach the backside.

Place the back fabric on the still clamped mugrug, allow 1 cm overlap.

Now embroider the last round. Then you are ready, only one turning openig is left.


Remove from hoop, cut it, but leave 0.5cm seam allowance. Turn the mugrug.


 Now prepare the stuffing.

Take some rice and Christmas spices, that are left over from Christmas cooking, like cardamom, cinnamon, anise, …


Brak the cinnamon and crush the anise and mix it with the rice. fill it through the turn opening in the mugrug. Do not fill to much, you want to place a tea mug later.

Close the opening, and you are done.

In total it took me less then 30 minutes.


Add some cookies…


When you put a hot mug on the mugrug it starts to smell after  the spices .


And since last week some of you were sad, because the Winter House was only for the 13x18cm hoop I have 2 sizes for you this week.

The one mugrug is 13x13cm. The other which is 10×10 is for the small hoop.

Find them here for download:


Enjoy our 4th and last Christmas freebie for this year. We wish you a nice 4th Advent.



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3 Antworten zu „Our smelling Christmas Freebie“

  1. LIZ

    Thank you for the lovely mug rug – it is so bright and cheerful

  2. Thanks so much for all your patterns! Especially this one! Merry Christmas!

  3. Samantha

    Thank you for the mugrug design and great directions.

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