Retro-Advents Calendar

Hmm, at the moment it is warmer here then in June, but:

Christmas is approaching.

Of course there is some time left to decorate the house or the christmas tree. But the time has come to start preparations. Lets start with the first christmas file.

And our first is that one you will need first, the advent calendar. 24 baggies, at least.


With our embroidery file “Retro-Advent Calendar“ you can make 6 different advent sacks in no time and completely in the hoop. No additional sewing is necessary. In no time you will have a 9×10 cm large sack for all those small gifts during the countdown to X-Mas.

If you make each design four times, you will quickly have a 24 sacks and a full countdown till the big „ stuff“ comes.

In the file you will also find the matching buttons with numbers from 1 to 24. In each hooping you will be able to make 4 buttons at once. The eyelet and covered back side are also done in this one step.

All files can be embroidered in the 10×10 cm hoop.


2-Kalender 3-Kalender

The pattern remembers the 70ies. Young and old will love them.


Antonie Bönisch of Fliegenpilzwerkstatt did the sketches and embroidered a 70ies like calendar:


With twinkeling stones:


The fabrics used are from the collection „Christmas Candy“ and are available at Stoffekontor. Many thanks Stoffekontor for supplying the fabrics.

Btw, next week I will be with them and hold on Nov. 1st and 2nd my yearly V6 embroidery software course.

As far as I know the course is booked well, but in spring will be the next.

So you want to meet in persona and want to learn about the Bernina soft … 😉

Ich wünsche Euch nun ein tolles Wochenende und

schicke liebe Freitagsgrüße


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