Little Purses

You already know our Roses Bags in a smaller variant as the Rose Bags for the 10x10cm hoop (perfect for tiny things) and for the 13x18cm hoop (with place for cosmetics).

But what if you need to stow a little bit more? Then you should have a look at our Big Roses Bags below.


There really fits a lot in there, especially in the longer ones, they have the size of a clutch. Do them in elegant black, from silk embroidered with silk thread, and your clutch is the star at a night in the opera.

I did my bags in tender pastell colors and will use them for hair clips, combs, cosmetics and knitting needles.


You can close the bags simply with Kam Snaps, but definitely it looks more attractive when you use a selfmade button, like the one I used in the picture below.

The loop I added before the last embroidery step. This is explained in detail in our instruction included in the package.Stickbaer-Grosse-Rosentaschen-Tati-3Both clutches will store a lot. The are appr. 25cm long.
Stickbaer-Grosse-Rosentaschen-Tati-7And here you can see them all together.
Stickbaer-Grosse-Rosentaschen-Tati-9 Stickbaer-Grosse-Rosentaschen-Tati-10

Do you like our new embroidery file?

You can get it from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy your weekend. Looks like the winter will return for some days. Good time for handcrafting.

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