Frames, Frames and more Frames… and some freebies !!!

Today we made something with frames!

Because this week we have frames! Quite a lot! and in 2 sizes!



Of course you can put in other embroidery designs, for example from our Shop Doodles category.

You can also leave them blank and frame your most favorite fabrics with it.

Or your can write something in. You can do this with the letters that your embroidery machine surely has built inside.

Maybe you have an embroidery software and you can put words quite comfortable in the software.

Of course, you can also use our words.

You don’t have to pay for them, we provide them at no extra cost.

„Rezepte“ and “Zucker“ we have in two sizes, the looooooong „Lieblingsbuch“ for the 13×18 frame only.

And the words fit perfectly into most of the Doodleframes.


For example you can make something like this of it.



Or you sew a sleeve for your favorite cookbook and write on it with big letters what’s in it, for example „Rezepte“ or even the „Lieblingsbuch“.

What about a bookmark for the cooking book …


This makes it easy to find the right recipe for your favourite macaroons or cupcakes.

BTW, the book is the sugar sweet baking book „Die Backfee Zuckersüß“ by Manuela Kjeilen.


Whatever you want to make of it, first download the files for the scripting here:


And then you can start.

Have fun and happy crafting



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2 Antworten zu „Frames, Frames and more Frames… and some freebies !!!“

  1. Thank You! This is so cute, I’m sure I’ll find some good use for these designs.

  2. […] On the Stickbaer blog, there are freebies available for download.  If you love soft feminine designs, you will fall in love with her in the hoop ?frame or label design.  […]

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