Crocheted scarf

What are you doing at the weekend to relax?

I by myself need always something to craft.

When it is to hot in my sewing room I then moving my handcrafting to the garden.

And on my shaded terace, the zink bucket near to me, there is good staying.

And this, I started my asymmetric scarf.

haekeltuch-langyarnsI found this Tutorial at Dawanda, the pattern is really easy, nothing to count, just crocheting.

But, on saturday mornig it was already hot. To hot for 80% new wool. So I got a cool Noro piece with silk and started another scarf.



This is aleady nearly done, I’m planning to finish it today. There is really only 1 ball of 100g needed for the whole scarf.

I am not a patient person. But this is a magical scarf, calling me: Crochet me, crochet me, … Or is it because of the heat?

Let’s see this evening …

Today I have another treasure for you.

Liebe Montagsgrüße



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