Christmas Stockings 2015

For some years now, exactly since 2010, in November, we are publishing our Christmas Stockings. I know that some of you are collecting them (like the collectible Christmas bells of a well known porcelain manufacture). OK, for the moment there are more bells then stockings… BTW, I have all the bells 😉

So our mission is to offer a new stocking every year.

This year we keep the design pure and clean. This gives more place for the applique fabric you chose.


For our collection, inspired by nordic motifs, we again used the fabrics from Westfalenstoffe out of their collection „Bergen“. They perfectly match light colored wool felt.


Little red bells are jingeling, when I am moving the stocking.Stickbaer-Weihnachtsstiefel-2015-Tati-8

Here you can compare the different sizes from 13×18 over 16×26 to 18×30 and20x36cm. Isn’t this quite impressing?!Stickbaer-Weihnachtsstiefel-2015-Tati-10

Our stockings are done with wool felt, so they are very stable.

When you do not have the felt in the right color you can hide the felt with fabric. Place a fabric on top of the felt before continuing. For the details on this have a look at the attached embroidery instruction.

The result looks like this:

Stickbaer-Weihnachtsstiefel-2015-Tati-1 Stickbaer-Weihnachtsstiefel-2015-Tati-2

You can see the dark felt only at the waved edge, and of course on the back.Stickbaer-Weihnachtsstiefel-2015-Tati-3

There are so many options to embroider the stockings: with chistmas fabrics, inspired from nordic motifs, or do you like flowers?

Now it is up to you: Chose from different hoop sizes and several packages. Sure you find your Christmas Stocking 2015. So come over to our Stickbaer Shop!

Enjoy a creative weekend!

Liebe Grüße



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