Autumn Leaves are dancing…

The weather outside is stormy. The colorful leaves are swirling through the air and they are shining in the autumn sun. It is looking great. However, this happens only a short time and then the leaves are falling down and we will sweep them to an autumn leaves pile. This is great for the hedgehogs in our garden.

Dancing leaves, that do not fade away, I created for you. They are not so useful for your hedgehog. They are more for decoration of our home.

Our autumn leaves are manifold: we have beech, oak and maple leaves as an applique on felt. Or embroider the redwork on soft woolfelt only the edges. Cut all out.

More, we have ITH leaves for you, maple and beech. They are looking like real leaves.


There is a big pro!

They don’t fade away so you can use them next autumn again for decorationStickbaer-Blaettertanz-Tati-2

Look at my arrangement, a candle plate.

I got this plate together with the tiny vases at Keramikwerkstatt Noll.

I love this dotted tableware and over the years my collection has grown up. Every year for birthday and christmas I am asking my parents for new pieces as present.

Frau Noll is even fulfilling extra wishes.

Have a look there.Stickbaer-Blaettertanz-Tati-3

The dark red leaves are made of woolfelt, this is the 10x10cm redwork file.Stickbaer-Blaettertanz-Tati-4

The green leaves are appliques on woolfelt. Other great places are table runner or an autumn pillow.Stickbaer-Blaettertanz-Tati-5

The redwork I did with variegated yarn.Stickbaer-Blaettertanz-Tati-6

For the ITH leaves (the red on top and the yellow) I used a batting, so they look more plastic. After turning them I did not iron them to keep them fluffy.

The small doily was easy to do. Do you want to try your own. Then have a look at my tutorial in the BERNINA-Blog.Stickbaer-Blaettertanz-Tati-7

You also can combine our last weeks release Autumn Welcome House with the Dancing Leaves to create a wonderful door wreath for the house door.Stickbaer-Blaettertanz-Tati-8

I tied the house and glued the leaves with hot glue.Stickbaer-Blaettertanz-Tati-9It only took a few minutes.

What about you? Are you ready to embroider your own leaves?

The right file you can find in the Stickbaer Shop for the 10x10cm and the 13x18cm hoop.

Enjoy this weekend, be it during an autumn walk, pomping in the autumn wood or embroidering your deco sets.

Seid alle lieb gegrüßt



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