Weekend Needle and Paper Work

How was your weekend?

Could you stay in your sewing room, at this bright weather?

Or did you like me and brought your sewing utensils to the fresh air?

The table on our terace is big enough. Not only for my crochet yarn, paints, glue, pencils, paper and sissors, even for the rocket models.

On the last my husband and son spent their saturday afternoon while I was crocheting.

The motif below on the grey wool felt is the big rose from this Cross stitch collection. Then I cut out a circle, ironed on colored cotton to the back side with Vliesofix, round embroidered with languettes and crocheted a border from double stitches.

Haekeldeckchen1 Haekeldeckchen2 Haekeldeckchen3


When I was done with crocheting I painted 2 splint boxes in pink.

Worthless to do. Later I put Tilda paper on it.

Dose2 Dosen4

Now the boxes are accompanying my strawberry jar, holding things like paper clips etc.



Now, the weather is still best, I am back to my sewing room, preparing the new files for Friday release.

Let’s talk about this later.


One other thing:

Often I have been asked to also offer the Doodles-ABC-Collection „in small“. I understand that for example the big letters of ca. 9cm are a problem with longer words. E.g. you sew „Anna-Katharina“ on a little pillow :o)

That’s why I added 5.5cm high letters as an option to the Doodles-ABC . Chose your size before putting to the cart.

A-CI wish you a nice week.

Liebe Grüße





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