Vintage Cross Stitch Bags ITH

Christmas not only is a traditional event for many people but also an event where we give presents to our beloved. We wrap the gifts in colorful paper and ribbons and place them under the christmas tree.

And when the christmas eve or morning is over there is left only a pile of paper, that we stow into the paper recycling.

That’s why I try to use reusable gift wrapping. Not only our advent calendars is reused year after year. Also other gift wrapping is timeless. Like textile bags. They are useful and care for the environment.

And they are top … when they have embroidery on them.

To give you the chance to save the earth 😉 we put together a little file collection for embroidered cross stitch bags.stickbaer-vintage-crossstitchbags-tati-2 stickbaer-vintage-crossstitchbags-tati-3

Each of the bags is about 13x18cm so it can hold something.

Not all presents have to be large. The smaller, the finer, …stickbaer-vintage-crossstitchbags-tati-4

You can close the bags with a ribbon or a cord.stickbaer-vintage-crossstitchbags-tati-5

I did the cross stitches with cotton thread. This does not have to be embroidery thread, sewing thread works well.stickbaer-vintage-crossstitchbags-tati-6

The stitches a looking like they were handmade!!!stickbaer-vintage-crossstitchbags-tati-7

Not only the present is a gift, the wrapping is it as well.stickbaer-vintage-crossstitchbags-tati-8

and the bags can be reused many times.stickbaer-vintage-crossstitchbags-tati-9

Our latest embroidery file with 7 different ITH bags is available today in our Stickbaer

Did I mention that it takes not much time to make them?

Of course you get a detailled instruction.

Enjoy your weekend, we will have an extended due to a holiday next week.

A lot of time for embroidery 🙂

Liebe Grüße



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