Video Key-Chains 1-2-3

Key-Chains 1-2-3

With this „Key-Chains 1-2-3“ embroidery file you can make 16 different Key Chains. Need one for the house key? You can also use them for your car keys, USB Stick, or embellish other things like your handbag or chopstick.

The Key Chains are embroidered onto wool felt (at least 2 – 3 mm thick) or onto leather. This way there is no fray and you just have to cut them out after embroidering. To save time and material, you can embroider 4 Key Chains per hoop.

Embroidery file Key-Chains 1-2-3 in Stickbaer Shop

If you are looking for a 3D embroidery look, use cotton embroidery thread size 30. Great results can be achieved using the standard size rayon or viscose embroidery thread.

The collection consists of 4 different designs with 4 Key Chains per hoop.

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