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  • Have sewed, need to show.

    Have sewed, need to show.

    There was not to much time over the last weeks for sewing. I was upgrading my bike driving license to the open one. I started earlier this year with only the A1 license. Now that I have the open license I don’t have an appropriate bike. It is somewhere at the sea shipping to Germany. […]

  • Sewed just for me

    Sewed just for me

    I am sewing every day, something. A pillow, a quilt, gift labels, bags, purses. Of course samples for our Shop. Buuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttt: For months now I did not sew anything for me personally. I only was not in the mood for sewing such. do you understand this? No mood for sewing a certain type of things? […]

  • Big Girlz

    Big Girlz

    Do you like our Doodles? For 2 years now I am co-operating with Kasia and you can see the results of our work in the Shop category „Doodles“. Most of the motifs are for the 13x18cm hoop, some are for the 10x10cm hoop. But there aren’t any motifs bigger then that. So I was begging Kasia for for […]

  • Felt Slippers

    Felt Slippers

    Some months ago I got some nice felt slippers. I decorated them with felt flowers. They were really expensive and … after some week they got broken. Since I like the felt slippers in winter time so I decided to get new ones.  Just in time I received the newsletter from Buttinette, where „pure“ felt […]

  • Sweet dreams, guaranteed

    Sweet dreams, guaranteed

    I need new sleepwear, hm … Urgently! Not some baggy shirts, but some what really sweet! For example something like this: Embellished and embroidered. And still comfortable, because woman wants to be nestled comfortably:   It was important to me that embroidery will not be scratchy, for we know that you wear under the pajamas […]