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  • My old new kitchen

    My old new kitchen

    It’s been now 14 years that we moved into our new  house. When moving here we also moved our older kitchen and are using it with only light changes over the years. Maybe you know this feeling that there needs to be some change? Have seen this for 14 years now, need to change it…

  • 6th of December: St Nicholas‘ Day and the 2nd freebie

    Today we have St Nicholas‘ Day. Did you clean your boots and put them outside the door? And did you find something in there this morning? Let me be you St. Nicholas too and make you a gift today. Before we do this lets tour through our Stickbaer house. Enter the house and on the stairs…

  • Bathing Day

    From Washday to Bathday 😉 Many thanks for all your comments regarding my wallcover with the Washday. Now, in summer time this is really fun, since I can dry the clothes in garden on the clothesline. The clothes are dancing in the sun … My beloved husband got inspired by the sun as well. Not…

  • Finally summer

    I wish you a sunny Thursday with this bouquet of meadow flowers. I collected them during walking our dog Baffi. Baffi, she is 12, has a loooooooot of time. So the best idea is to collect flowers. Do you need anything more to be happy? Liebe Donnerstagsgrüße  

  • Take a tour – My sewing room

    Take a tour – My sewing room

    In the last weeks I spent soem time on cleaning up and reorganizing my sewing room. I removed shelves, installed a new one, sorted fabrics, and so on. Do you want to take a tour? Maybe to get an inspiration for your own rooms? All the years my sewing room really was unorganized. Shelves and…

  • My new bag – Finally

    My new bag – Finally

    One week ago I visited the „Needle world“ fair in Karlsruhe/Germany for 2 days. There is not to many such creatives fairs in South Germany. That’s why it is not a problem for me to drive 3 hours there. I met Kasia there who arrived from Basel. We spent 2 wonderful days. We were not…

  • Print, cut and sew – Cosmetic bag by Kasia

    Another great idea by Kasia : Print-yourself cosmetic bags, printed just on fabric. Including all accessories. And of course there is an ebook tutorial containing many different designs. I already did one: The woven ribbon, the label and the sign are integrated with the fabric. Makes sewing easy. And, the best is, you can add your own…

  • Now they are 3!

    I love the internet community! Only yesterday I asked for reinforcement for our teddy bear, and 24 hours later they are triplets. Many thanks to Jessica!!! CU tomorrow

  • Teddy bear, where are you?

    Today I need your help. We are desperately looking for a teddy bear. But not just a teddy. We are looking for this one: This look … I got this cute cuddly bear some month ago in an internet forum. But this forum is closed now so I don’t know whom to contact. The teddy bear has…

  • Merry Christmas

    We want to thank you for your loyalty over the past year, for all the lovely mails and comments, the nice phone calls and personal meetings. We look forward to 2013 and hope to spend it together with you. Greetings your