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  • Pineapple Quilts

    Pineapple Quilts

    Sure you’ve already read one or the other post about my own Pineapple Quilt blocks, like this one:  here. I love quilt blocks, and so I thought it should be possible to do them also in the embroidery machine. Yes, it is, and it looks this: I sewed (embroidered) 4 identical blocks and joined them…

  • Little Purses

    Little Purses

    You already know our Roses Bags in a smaller variant as the Rose Bags for the 10x10cm hoop (perfect for tiny things) and for the 13x18cm hoop (with place for cosmetics). But what if you need to stow a little bit more? Then you should have a look at our Big Roses Bags below. There…

  • A Summer House: As a Pillow or as a Mugrug?

    A Summer House: As a Pillow or as a Mugrug?

    A new pillow for the garden chair? A nice mugrug for the kitchen table and the tasty mug coffee in the morning? What ever you want, with our latest embroidery file you can do it. Pillow or mugrug or both, you can do it both thanks the envelope closing on the backside. Our pillow in…

  • Rose bags

    Rose bags

    Yes, we know what your favourites are, what styles you like. Quite high in the ranking are all kinds of ITH files. And within the ITH’s, you like the bags the most. On the other hand you love flowers, especially the roses. So why not to do an ITH file for bags with roses. See…

  • Here comes our Spring Welcome House

    Here comes our Spring Welcome House

    It is amazing to see how exited you are about our Welcome Houses. We are receiving positive feedback, sometimes even with new suggestions. That’s why we decided to add a Spring House to the Summer House, the Autumn House, the Christmas House and the Winter House. The Spring House we did of course with bright…

  • Happy Bunnies

    Happy Bunnies

    There are only a few weeks left til Easter. But, it does not really like like Spring: Today we have more snow then the whole winter, it is gray and cold. And this is called „meteorological spring start“. Nobody likes this weather. The snowdrop and crocus don’t like to show up at all. Where is…

  • Shabby Style Pot Warmer

    Shabby Style Pot Warmer

    Do you know this: You have brewed up a pot of tea with a lovely smell in the air. Aaaahhh… Great stuff in this cold time, when it is rainy and windy outside. But some time later the rest of the tea is lukewarm only and it tastes only half as tasty. What a shame.…

  • Roses on your Breakfast Table

    Roses on your Breakfast Table

    For me the breakfast is the best meal at all. Especially the weekend breakfast It all starts with that he house is silent in the morning. I am the first in our family the stand up, because I want to enjoy this silence. At the weekend, I am setting the alarm clock to not miss…

  • Cooking with your Heart

    Cooking with your Heart

    Cooking with your Heart does not only mean to put all your love into a dish. Also all the utensils and accessories should look great and beautiful. Like these oven gloves:

  • Having Fun when Cooking

    Having Fun when Cooking

    It has been a while since my last post: Holidays, vacation, … Did you miss me already? So I am back now and starting with the latest news from the Stickbaer: 2 weeks ago added a new variant for our famous Ice Scraper Glove. You can get it now also for the 16x26cm hoop. Last week…