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  • Crochet Bags

    Crochet Bags

    Do you have a favourite hand crafting for the different times in the year? I am crocheting and knitting only when it is warm, means in summer. Sounds strange? I simply need the bright sunlight and love it to do the work outside on the terace. In winter I do not feel like doing knitting…

  • Roses and Lavender ITH

    Roses and Lavender ITH

    Since you loved our Lavender and Roses files „Rose et Lavande“ and „Lavendelsäckchen“ so much here is a last one with these romantic motifs. We love in-the -hoop, it is so easy to create perfect results. And as we love crocheting as we love embroidery and ITH we now joined both crafting methods. Not sure you remember our…

  • Now, in autumn, it is time for handcrafting

    Now, in autumn, it is time for handcrafting

    After 3 weeks of summer vacation here is my „I am back“! I am full of energy and my head gets screwed up because of the many ideas I already have. During the vacation I had so many ideas. You will see this over the next weeks. Probably you know this: when you stop one…