The 2nd Stickbaer Christmas Freebie

Isn’t Christmas time the time of the angels?

In our house we have them everywhere:

The angel orchestra, made from fabric, as applique or embroidered.

Here are some of my favourites:


Of course with the Christmas tree.stickbaer-engelfreebie-5 So nice:stickbaer-engelfreebie-4

The angels orchestra is continuously growing year over year, some of the musicians are old, some are shining new.stickbaer-engelfreebie-3For me they are an important part of the time around christmas…stickbaer-engelfreebie-2

For you we created a special angel. It is from fabric, not from wood. You can embroider it.

The little Christmas Angel is for the 4×4″ hoop.

The dress applique are made with the open edge technique where the edges of the fabric fringe out. You’ve seen the same technique already last week with our Snowman Freebie.

Here is the link to the download file that comes with the 7 most relevant file formats (ART, exp, pes, jef, hus, vp3 und dst) and the color and size overview:


Have fun with the cute Christmas Angel and enjoy the 3rd Advent and the weekend.

Liebe Grüße



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3 Antworten zu „The 2nd Stickbaer Christmas Freebie“

  1. Julie Binskin

    Thank you So much for this lovely Angel design

  2. Sherri

    Thank you for the lovely little Angel.

  3. Lori R.

    Thank you for the very cute Angel. She is precious. I lived in France in 1956 & also lived in Germany for 6 years. Love it. Thank you & many blessings to you & yours. Merry Christmas.

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