Shoe fun

I like shoes. Although my taste is different from my mates, nevertheless I like shoes!

I like most high quality shoes with soft leather that last many years. And they should have colored insoles!

Sometimes you get some with your new shoes, but usually they are really boring.

That’s why I am doing my insoles now myself.


They now perfectly match my shoes and are in the correct size.stickbaer-sohlenspass-tati-1

It is so easy …stickbaer-sohlenspass-tati-4

… that I have a big choice now:


Sure you found this embroidery file already in our shop. This is for most of the women sizes, each in 3 different designs, of course for left and right feet.


What I have today is „Happy Feet for Kids“.

Mom has it, so why not her daughter?


That’s why we added colorful insoles in sizes from 28, in 3 designs, for left and right feet.

All in all 48 files in one collection.

This makes kid’s shoes more colorful and even wearing slippers at home is OK now.


The finishing touch for cool boots!

And in gloomy autumn the insight of the kids is colorful.stickbaer-sohlenspass-kids-tati-5

It takes no time to embroider the insoles. Even without the attached instruction.stickbaer-sohlenspass-kids-tati-9

You only need the 16x26cm hoop to start.stickbaer-sohlenspass-kids-tati-10

Liquid Latex rubber stops the sliding of the insole.


One or two layers of the milky liquid, give it time to dry. Now you have rubberized insoles.


The embroidery file „Happy Feet for Kids“ you can get from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy the weekend.

Liebe Grüße




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