Shabby Style Pot Warmer

Do you know this: You have brewed up a pot of tea with a lovely smell in the air. Aaaahhh… Great stuff in this cold time, when it is rainy and windy outside.

But some time later the rest of the tea is lukewarm only and it tastes only half as tasty. What a shame.

How useful is a tea pot warmer, careing for the hot tea and looking great with embroidered roses.


Our pot warmers are not only useful, you can embroider them in a fraction of the time it would take to sew ‚em.


And they are done perfectly from the in and the outside. Fully lined and have a warm batting to keep tea and coffee worm.Stickbaer-Teekannenwaermer-Tati-9

They have the roses on them you already know from the Roses Egg Cosies.


This pot warmer is made in the 20x26cm hoop. It fits pots for 4 to 5 cups.Stickbaer-Teekannenwaermer-Tati-7

This one is little bit smaller and was made in the 18x30cm hoop.Stickbaer-Teekannenwaermer-Tati-6

Here you can compare all 4 sizes.

On top we have the smallest warmer for pots with 1 to 2 cups made in the 13x18cm hoop. You can of course put it over your tea mug to keep this warm.

Below it you can see the 16x26cm size pot warmer.

Every size looks different and has different embroidery.


That’s why you also can use them also for decoration, maybe all 4 side by side.Stickbaer-Teekannenwaermer-Tati-3 Stickbaer-Teekannenwaermer-Tati-2

Here we have top size and smallest size together.Stickbaer-Teekannenwaermer-Tati-1

Our latest embroidery file „Tea Cosies“ you can get in 4 different sizes from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy your weekend.

Liebe Grüße



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