Shabby HOME and Shabby LOVE

The last and this week we are dealing with letters, pillow covers and the shabby style.

Last week we showed to you the „Shabby HOME“ files, you can get them already in our shop.


It is so easy: Embroider the 4 letters onto a piece of fabric and sew a pillow cover with this fabric. Already now you get an outstanding pillow.


What I added is a crocheted edge.Stickbaer-Shabby-Home-Tati2

Look at the many details, the heart at the H, the birdcage in the O…Stickbaer-Shabby-Home-Tati3

There is a little bird next tot the M…Stickbaer-Shabby-Home-Tati4 … and you find flowers on the E.Stickbaer-Shabby-Home-Tati5

As a supplement to the „Shabby-HOME“ collection (that is available for the 4×4″ and the 5×7″ hoop) we are adding this week love, our „Shabby-LOVE“ file:NL-Shabby-LoveStickbaer-Shabby-Love-Tati-2

I embroidered the letters from the 13x18cm file inline onto a plain fabric and added a piping around the pillow.Stickbaer-Shabby-Love-Tati-3

Also the love file has many details, like the little house, the rose tendrils on every letter and the birdie.Stickbaer-Shabby-Love-Tati-4Stickbaer-Shabby-Love-Tati-5

I replaced the „O“ with a heart and the within the heart there is the script „Love“ as well.

So much love around.

Both pillows give a perfect match, go and do them both!


Our latest embroidery file „Shabby LOVE“ you can get in our Stickbaer Shop from today.

The weather outlok is not the best here for the weekend. So why not to use the time for embroidery work?

Enjoy your weekend, whatever your plans are.

Liebe Grüße



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