Sewed just for me

I am sewing every day, something.

A pillow, a quilt, gift labels, bags, purses. Of course samples for our Shop.


For months now I did not sew anything for me personally. I only was not in the mood for sewing such. do you understand this? No mood for sewing a certain type of things? Although, there is no lack of great fabrics.

And then, last week, I found a forum post and thread about dresses that can be sewed fast and got infected by the idea.

Especially one became my favorite.

I even payed the additional Paypal fee to receive this pattern as fast as possible.

I never payed that much before for such easy pattern (that only comes in one size) but I peaked a lot of pictures at Google …

Size 36 should fit so I started to cut a treasure brown rose jersey.

It was not enough for a dress but for a shirt.


It fits perfectly.


I did no changes.


Perfect with jeans and boots.


I liked it so much that I wore it on a class reunion.

An yesterday evening I did a variant from turquoise fabric.

These pictures I will show you later, I need somebody to shoot me …

For sure, I had no regrets about buying the pattern.

BTW, the pattern is „Ajaccio“ from Schnittquelle.

The next I’ll try is a dress. Therefore I need a little bit more fabric.

Greetings, enjoy this new week.



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