Roses on your Breakfast Table

For me the breakfast is the best meal at all. Especially the weekend breakfast

It all starts with that he house is silent in the morning. I am the first in our family the stand up, because I want to enjoy this silence.

At the weekend, I am setting the alarm clock to not miss the silent hour. Only the cats are there, they are quite and talk not too much 😉 Main point for them: their food!

After the cats the order is on me. Prepare a Cappucino, get the newspaper to the table and reading a little to reading much. Then, laying the table for my men. The younger will get up only shortly before noon. Depending on the yesterday evening.

So I am baking rolls, preparing jam, cheese and chocolate cream and boiling eggs. The last are of course from happy hen. At least they are looking happy when they are picking and clucking at our neighbours farmyard and looking for a fresh worm.

These eggs are very tasty. Each gets its hood. To keep them warm til we eat them.


And here we come to our latest embroidery file 😉

It looks like the january is somehow the „month of the kitchen„. Look at our Bears gloves and the Roses gloves.

So this proceeds with the „Roses Egg Cosies“.

And they are really a perfect companion for your breakfast table.


They have rich embroidery. Partly they use 2 fabrics, means they have 2 colors.Stickbaer-Roseneierwaermer-Tati-1

When you like you can add hanging loops and hang your egg warmers to a nice place in your kitchen. So you can enjoy them also during the rest of the week.Stickbaer-Roseneierwaermer-Tati-2

You can Thermolam for the inside. This is keeping your eggs warm for a long time.Stickbaer-Roseneierwaermer-Tati-3

Of course they are perfect from the inside as from the outside. They are fully lined and there are no open or visible seams. Stickbaer-Roseneierwaermer-Tati-5And:

You only need the 10×10 hoop!!!Stickbaer-Roseneierwaermer-Tati-6Stickbaer-Roseneierwaermer-Tati-7

This is the whole team: You can do 6 egg warmers with our latest embroidery file. And this is done in no time so you want to do more egg warmers then you have people in your family.

No problem. These egg warmers are a perfect gift. Give joy to your friends.Stickbaer-Roseneierwaermer-Tati-9

So from today we have the Rose Egg Cosies in our Stickbaer Shop.


Including the detailled embroidery instruction for trouble free embroidery.

Enjoy the weekend, it is smelling like spring.

Liebe Grüße



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