Roses and Lavender ITH

Since you loved our Lavender and Roses files „Rose et Lavande“ and „Lavendelsäckchen“ so much here is a last one with these romantic motifs.


We love in-the -hoop, it is so easy to create perfect results.

And as we love crocheting as we love embroidery and ITH we now joined both crafting methods.

Not sure you remember our Häkeltaschen that already has a crocheting edge embroidered on to attach the crochet edge.

Now we have mugrugs, hearts and little pillows that you can crochet on.


During the embroidery an additional seam is embroidered. To this you can later attach your crocheted border.Stickbaer-Rose-et-Lavande-ITH-Tati-8

This you create overwhelming pillows and mugrugs.Rose-et-Lavande-ITH-Tati-5

I filled the hearts with lavender. They are so romantic. I hang them into the wardrobe.Stickbaer-Rose-et-Lavande-ITH-Tati-1

The square pillows could be used as pillow for dolls, pin cushion or filled with lavender too.

Or leave them without filling and you get a coaster.
Stickbaer-Rose-et-Lavande-ITH-Tati-5The mugrugs can be stuffed with polyfill. This makes little oval of them.

As mugrugs they are the center point of your comfortable tea time. Or coffee time.


The crochet around is done easy. Nevertheless I added a detailed embroidery and crocheting instruction, explaining each step.

Our embroidery file „Rose et Lavande ITH“ matches the 13x18cm hoop. You can get it from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Have fun with embroidery and crocheting. You can do this while watching a match of your favourite football team at the European Championship.

Ein schönes Wochenende und liebe Grüße



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