Rose et Lavande

I am sure you have read my trip report last week. I rhapsodized about our trip to Provence.

And as you might think these days in Southern France inspired me a lot.

So why not to create a Lavender embroider file?!

And because the lavender is not yet in bloom, but the roses are in full bloom already in may I put together lavender and roses.

Et voila:


I placed my motifs onto linen. The white cotton looks fresh and rustic and is a perfect base for the lavender and rose motifs.

The pillow covers and blankets I found in a second hand shop.


The nice lavender bouqet I got from our host in Provence, Barbara, from her garden.

Looks nice?Stickbaer-Rose-et-Lavande-T5

The edge of the lavender bag is the edge of a toss pillow.Stickbaer-Rose-et-Lavande-Tati-2

Of course the bags are smelling after lavender. Not from this year, the harvest starts within the next weeks. But I kept my last years crop is still fresh and smelling like Provence.Stickbaer-Rose-et-Lavande-Tati-10

Do you like the new embroidery otifs?Stickbaer-Rose-et-Lavande-Tati-7

From today you can get them in our Stickbaer Shop.

And, another good news, they are for the 10×10 hoop. so you can use them in a smaller machine as well.

Enjoy the new file and enjoy your weekend!

Liebe Grüße



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