Pineapple Quilts

Sure you’ve already read one or the other post about my own Pineapple Quilt blocks, like this one:  here.

I love quilt blocks, and so I thought it should be possible to do them also in the embroidery machine. Yes, it is, and it looks this:


I sewed (embroidered) 4 identical blocks and joined them with the Quilt-As-You-Go method (QAYG). When you don’t know this method, there are a lot of video tutorials at Youtube.

And all of you who own my Little Village Quilt BOM and together with the last block got the sewing instruction, you have a detailled picture instruction about the QAYG by me.

This is how it looks when the blocks are put together.


This is a really complete embroidery file. We have a base block in 4 hoop sizes, 5 different quilt motives that look great on the also on other patchwork blocks, and 5 quilted Pineapple blocks.

For each size, 11 files. And as usual we created some bundles for you.


This pot holder from the 16x26cm file has the right size.


This is a doily from the 18×30 file:


For the pin cushion the 13x18cm file is OK:



This blanket from 4 blocks was done from the 20x30cm file.


The beautiful fabrics are taken from the Mode collection „Windermere“ and are available here in Stoffekontor.Stickbaer-Pineapplequilt-Tati-10

This is a really manifold embroidery file. You can sew whole quilts from the 6 ready blocks and the 5 quilt motives. Or you realize smaller projects that will not take too much time.

And you can mix the file with our other quilt files, like Quilt Dreams or Quilt Dreams 2.Stickbaer-Pineapplequilt-Tati-11

Do you like our latest Patchwork embroidery file?

You can get it from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Maybe you use the Pentecost weeked for a new project?

Enjoy your weekend!



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