Pineapple Quilt Block

It was so hot this weekend, so I hided in my sewing room. Lucky me we have an aircondition there, I loved it.

And that’s why I could finish some projects.Stickbaer-Pineapple-Quilt-8For a long time I planned to sew a Pineapple Quilt Block. Although I was afraid of wasting so many fabric because of the overlapping edges.

Then I found the  Rulers by Marti Michell so I decided to start.

Why did it take me the whole evening to cut out the first 12.5″ block?Stickbaer-Pineapple-Quilt-9

It was much easier to sew the quilt block. It took my about half an hour, not more. From the test block I did a doily. I did only some rar quilting with the Sashiko to not steal the show of the Pineapple pattern.


I sewed the patches directly to the batting. This is a kind of Quilt As You Go, I think.

Are you interested in this? Shall I post about this?Stickbaer-Pineapple-Quilt-2 Stickbaer-Pineapple-Quilt-3

The table runner I did following the same method. Cutting now was much faster and I cutted multiple layers of fabric at once.

A big help here was my new turnable cutting mat.


I am still looking for a place for the table runner. I missed to measure the potential places I could place it. Shall I by the right table for it?


I love this combination of colors.


All 3 blocks I did after the Quilt As You Go. When you are a member of our  „Little Village Quilt“ project and got he 12th block can read in the instruction how this is done in the sewing machine.

Stickbaer-Pineapple-Quilt-6From the fabric remnants I did a Dresden Plate quilt. Not finished yet.

Do you know our Dresden Plate file? For all that are not so firm in patchworking…Stickbaer-Pineapple-Quilt-7

When I have finished my pillow I will show it.

Til then enjoy your week, maybe with some rain.

Liebe Grüße




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