Happy Bunnies

There are only a few weeks left til Easter.

But, it does not really like like Spring: Today we have more snow then the whole winter, it is gray and cold.

And this is called „meteorological spring start“. Nobody likes this weather. The snowdrop and crocus don’t like to show up at all.

Where is the spring with the first warm sun beams, with blooming spring beds and bunnies babies?

If the last are not outside then I make my own inside the house.

Look, this is our new Easter file:

These bunnies ar eso cute we called them „Happy Bunnies“.

they have nice embellishments, ribbons, bibs. The bib is included in the collection.


Included as well is an Easter egg with bunny applique and drooping ears.

The same egg as mugrug.

The mugrug has the turn openig on the backside, the hanging egg at the side.


Mom and kid.

The peeks are colored with crayon.Stickbaer-Happy-Hasis-ITH-Tati-7 Stickbaer-Happy-Hasis-ITH-Tati-8

And I included a „bunny“ heart to hang and one as mugrug.Stickbaer-Happy-Hasis-ITH-Tati-9

you can get your copy of our Happy Bunnies ITH for the 13x18cm and 16x26cm hoops from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Did I mention how fast and easy they are made?!

Enjoy your weekend.

Liebe Grüße



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