Handlook Flowers

By nature I am not a patient girl. Long running projects? Not with me! While doing a long running project there are so many new ideas coming to my mind that I cannot stop. A sad example is my Tiny Town Quilt project.

Maybe this changes when I am 70 or 80 or even 90? Maybe!

The good thing with this impatience is that I am always looking for new techniques. For example techniques to let the machine embroidery work look like it were made by hand. Let the machine do the work in short time, and my head is free again for new stuff.

This way I created the Handlook Flowers. They are a bit of a Baltimore quilt, a bit folk style embroidery. Anyhow, they look like they are made by hand with a thick wool thread. Here comes my new technique:NL-Handlock-Flowers

One of the large 18x18cm motifs in Baltimore style I put onto a pillow top.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-1

The 10×10 flower I did 3 times on a small bag.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-2

Together the are a nice couple.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-3

The green fabric of the pillow I added as a surrounding edge.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-4

Added some quilting to enhance the nostalgic look.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-5

First I did the pillow. I wanted to add a checker border.

However, the checker fabric now is the bottom of the bag.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-6

The backside of the bag has a quilted heart.

Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-7Again some quilting, I love this.
Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-8 Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-9

You get the best look when using cotton thread.

Or you use sewing silk or cotton sewing yarn. I took the Silk Finish of Mettler and Cotton of Sulky.Stickbaer-Handlook-Flowers-Tati-10Just a hint:

I know many of you only clamp the stabilizer to save fabric and glue the fabric on.

This will not work here.

Always, for this kind of job, clamp the fabric together with the stabilizer to the hoop. The long running stitches are pulling the fabric a lot, so stabilizing is a key! Best it works with glue-on or iron-on stabilizer.


Do you like our new file?

It is waiting for you in our Stickbaer shop.

You can chose from:

  • a small collection for the 10x10cm hoop with 8 motifs
  • a collection with the above 8 motifs plus 5 files for the 13x18cm hoop
  • a bonus collection with the above 13 motifs and in addition 4 big Baltimore flowers for the 18x30cm hoop

Have a great weekend!

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