Forrest and Meadow Taggies

Wow, another Taggies, you might think 😉

Yes, we’ve created some more taggies. After the Taschenbaumeleien and the Weihnachtsbaumeleien we now have the „Forrest and Meadow Taggies“.


All in all there are 8 different cute taggies to embroider. All completely done in your embroidery machine and all are done in no time.

Look at the cow taggie and the pig taggie: both want to go on cloud No. 7.


You love cats?Stickbaer-Wald+Wiesenbaumelei-Tati-8

Do you know somebody for the owl and the apple tree?Stickbaer-Wald+Wiesenbaumelei-Tati-7Are you missing a dog?

What about Waldi?

Do it with or without applique…Stickbaer-Wald+Wiesenbaumelei-Tati-9

But where to tag all the taggies?

Tag them everywhere!

Like my handbag.


Look at the small apple to the right!Stickbaer-Wald+Wiesenbaumelei-Tati-2 Stickbaer-Wald+Wiesenbaumelei-Tati-1

My purse (done after the Ebook „Klimperkasse“) I also „enhanced“.


With a fly agaric key ring.Stickbaer-Wald+Wiesenbaumelei-Tati-5

BTW, I found the key rings at Snaply.Stickbaer-Wald+Wiesenbaumelei-Tati-4

Like always I did a detailled instruction for you. It comes together with the embroidery files in the download. But to see how the taggies are done you should watch our video we prepared for the Taschenbaumelei. The same technique applies to the Forrest and Meadow Taggies.


Isn’t the weather made for embroidering?

Enjoy your weekend and have fun with embroidery!

Liebe Grüße



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