Join us sewing a Quilt

Yes, you are reading this right 🙂

Join us in sewing. And embroidering of course!

At the end you will be the owner of a Quilt, a patchwork blanket. A very special, with rich embroidery and colorful.

And since I know how much work it is to make a big quilt and some of you would shy away from such big project because of the complexity and the work it takes we will do it piece for piece. It will take the time it needs, all in all 1 year.

The patchworkers among you already know the term BOM. It is not thud, it is the abbreviation for  Block of the Month.

For a BOM-Quilt the participants get a instruction for a new block every month. And this block will be sewed the same moment. Usually over a period of 12 months. And only at the end all know how the quilt looks like.

Of course we have to do this a little bit different, since our main interest is embroidery. But we will keep it as thrilling as the patchworkes do. And you too will only know after 12 months how your ready made quilt will look like.

And you know me good, I cannot keep a secret for a long time. So here is the frame.


This is how your patchwork plate could look like. It consists of 12 blocks, each with detailed and beautiful embroidery.

All motifs will cover the quilt theme “Little Village” and hence we name our quilt this:

“Little Village Quilt”.

Here you can see the first 3 motifs, they are available from today in our Stickbaer Shop.


Embroider all 3 blocks onto a fabric of your choice.


Each file matches the 13x18cm hoop, for all files you need 30×30 cm fabric.

Now lets sew.


When you like you can do a little quilting already now:


Maybe a running stitch around the single appliques?


This accentuates the motifs.


Adding a thick batting makes the motif look plastic.


This the block looks like when ready.


And when you are as busy as a bee every month and finish your block every month after one year you can sew the blanket. This will be a unique piece of crafting. For life.

This month you get in the complete collection all 3 applique embroidery files and the all-explaining 11 pages instruction. This instruction contains many hints so even patchworking beginners can make the blocks with no problems.

Of course there is the measures for the fabrics you need for the whole quilt.

It is of help when you already have some experience in sewing. When you even worked with rotary cutter and cutting ruler, great.

During the next 10 months you buy only next 3 appliques. The instruction applies for all blocks.

Together with the 12th block files you will get a detailed instruction how to assemble the single blocks according to the “Quilt as you go” method. This method, to create a quilt by sewing together single quilt blocks is very simple and you will like it. The method allows to prepare all blocks, including batting and back side fabric.

Using this technique front side and back side look pretty.

How to do this I will tell you with block 12.


Ahh. I understand. You already have blankets en mass. But you find the motifs so cute and want to have them, but don’t need the instruction. No problem, we bundled also a mini collection with only the 3 detailed embroidery files.

Both collections you get from today in our Stickbaer Shop.


Especially for this project we opened a dedicated board on Pinterest, dedicated only for the “Little Village Quilt BOM”. There we will collect over the next 12 months your blocks. So you can follow all the others what they are creating and how they are doing this. See the quilt growing.

Send us your pictures of your blocks, we will upload them for you. This will be a manyfold and colored board and we will have a lot of fun.

And now enjoy the first BOM.

I wish you a nice weekend.

Viele liebe Freitagsgrüße



The new Kid in the Sewing Room

New kid in the meaning of the word, since my newest machine is branded “Babylock”.

But one after the other:

I like Patchwork and Quilting for some years now. My interest moved from sewing clothing to sewing of pillows, mugrugs, tablecloth and especially quilts.

I started with a Baltimore-Quilt, this was my very first.


This was 8 years ago and since then I sewed a lot of blankets you can use every day; art quilts that one cannot wash and you should not look to strong on them are not my preference.

The most I like when my creations are hand quilted. My Baltimore is still naked. Over the years i learned hand quilting on the little projects like mugrugs and pillows.

If it not was that hard. Looking pretty but taking so much time…


And then a few months ago I first heard about the Sashiko.

This machine is pure luxury, it has only ONE stitch. But this stitch is great.

And for a long time I was thinking “do I need it or do I not”?

And some weeks ago I attended the “Nadelwelt” in Karlsruhe and could test it extensibly.

And the next day I called my favourite machine dealer Thomas Sommer in Regensburg and ordered one.

And last week, as the topping on our holidays, we went to Regensburg and picked it up.

What a pride:


White and pretty …


Really one stitch only, but this perfectly.


Und mein Darla-Quilt bekommt nun neben den echt mit der Hand gequilteten Stichen noch die von meinem neuen Baby gemachten dazu und wird nun so richtig wunderschön und aufwendig.


Sogar enge Kurven und freigeführte Stiche gehen. Ich habe mir das Muster mit dem blauen wasserlöslichen Stift vorgezeichnet und dann nachgequiltet.  Wenn ich fertig bin, kommt das Top in die Handwäsche und dann bleiben nur die roten Nähte übrig.


Das macht so einen Spaß!!!!!


In meinem inzwischen riesigen Fundus an fertigen Dingen habe ich diesen Tischläufer gefunden, der hat nun auch noch ein paar neue Verzierungen abbekommen.


Die Quiltschablone für dieses Kissentop habe ich letztes Jahr auf der Nadelwelt gekauft und aufgezeichnet, eigentlich wollte ich das schon im letzten Sommerurlaub handgequiltet haben. Jetzt war es eine Stunde Zeitvertreib für mich am Sonntag-Nachmittag.


Und 2 meiner Taschenspielereien haben auch noch ein paar Stiche abbekommen.


So sauber, so gleichmäßig.


BTW, I can easily adopt size and distance of the stitches, depending what effect it should make.

Ok, curious now? I hope you are now not infected by that virus like I am.


So I am out quilting 😉

Alles Liebe



My heartly Ascencion Day Project

In my last post about my trip to the Needle World in Karlsruhe I mentioned a Sewing package of Rinske Designs I puchased. It is a wreath of hearts. This I selected to be the project for last weeks holiday.

But unpatiently I am I already started the days before and did the last stitches already on Wednesday.


This wreath is formed by 24 single hearts, sewed and stuffed with wadding. It decorates the dining room now.

I had to convince my husband since he doesn’t like it.

OK, the holiday project was done, what’s now?

It was raining the whole day , a perfect day to spend in sewing room. So I found some more blueish fabrics and I created a wall hanger.


All hearts are doubled and blindly applied (don’t know how to translate but you can see it here).


And since I was in move I added a dangled heart…


All this is now in our dining room … and my husband has to adapt to it.


I wish you all a nice week….

Liebe Montagsgrüße



Pillow done with Accuquilt

A few weeks ago I already showed you here the top of my current quilt. Now I did a little bit more quilting, all by hand …

And now the binding is done.

I only have to sew to the back side with many hidden stitches.

But this is work for the evening on our terace. The weather forecast for this week is dream-like so I can finish it in this week.

Because I shifted the hand-quilting to the sunny terace evenings and it was rainy on the last weekend I could finish to matching pillows.

With the help of my Accuquilt that I presented to you already earlier the cutting and sewing of the many small pieces was no problem at all, one hour for both tops …



I did some embellishing of course with hand-quilting and my favourite YoYo’s.

Do you remeber this little tutorial?

Hand sewing and hand quilting.

This was the relaxed football evening on saturday. Bayern Munich won the match, as I noticed…


In the middle is a heart-YoYo.

The other pillow got a zigzag edge.

Darla9And of course both pillows perfectly match my quilt.


A 3rd pillow, this time a big one is already under way. I will show it later.

Bis dahin fröhliche Dienstagsgrüße




Button Parade

Do you remember such situation: You made this sweet little bag and want to close it with a really nice button.

But none of the buttons in your button collection is pefect.

This is too blue, this too green, this isn’t cute enough …

Or you have sewed an amazing summer dress for your little daughter. You want to finalize it with the perfect knob. But wich one is the best?

Stopp this now, create your own buttons.

Our new collection “Button Parade” is a must have for you. Chose from 17 different motifs and put it on the fabric of your choice.


Or you use your own buttons for decorations. Maybe like this pin cushion?

This flower cushion is embroidered in only 2 minutes with this embroidery file.


You can glue the pin cushion onto a jar lid. Enhance it with ribbons, maybe with a YoYo …


You get a cute decoration item and great gift for a sew friend.


In this jar you can store your new buttons.


The are so many different motifs.


I like this birdie very much, it is only 1.5cm.


Have you seen the drying line with pegs?


Look at this house with trees, the flower filed …

All on one button!

Ausschnitt4 IMG_7346

With these buttons you do not have to hide the pillow closures anymore on the back. Present it on the front side.


The closure is in the middle of the pillow using 3 of the 23mm buttons with cross stitch motifs.


I added some YoYos as well.

IMG_7424 IMG_7429

This is the back side.


I like the pillow. Unfortunately the fabric now is gone.


The new motif collection is available today in the Stickbaer Shop.

Liebe Freitagsgrüße für Euch alle



Cute bakeries

Actually, I was always the old-fashioned cake baker.

        Sheet cake, yeast cake, normal cookies, Christmas cookies these was already the highlight of my decorated baking arts .

And now its my swedish friend Lotta’s fault, that I now have a whole drawer full of cake-decorating items.

But I will  report in the right sequence:

Lotta always finds the most amazing sites on the Internet and then send me the links. So recently I found this page:

Passion 4 Baking

WOW! I sat there for hours and had a look at this great site. And when I realized that the blogger Manuela Kjeilen “The back fairy very cute” has published her first book in German, I ordered it.

(Actually, for a good friend, who should get it for a birthday, but that’s another story … I’ll have to order another book, because I keep this here!)


The best recipes for cupcakes, Tarts, macaroons and more are on the 284 pages of this beautifully designed book.

Yummi! I have to bake everything,


While running over the pages I found out very quickly that my kitchen isn’t good equipped to bake really nice looking cookies and cupcakes and decorate them.

So I have spent a week for upgrading my equipment for sugarbaking  a little bit.

 4 color fondant, various silicone molds for flowers and leaves, a Deco-Queen (piping bag along with several tips, there are perceived thousands, I found out), I now also have a muffin tin, a tiny mold for the finest writings, eatable glitter powder and pastel-colored food coloring.

Now I’am equipped and began making my first cupcakes.

I had the most fun in making the flowers and leaves using fondant and silicone molds a day earlier.




Some glitter…


 I’ve learned that you have to use the fondant adds CMC powder, so that the flowers are solid or just use flowers paste.

But for the start, I am more than happy, and these are my first flowers.


The next day I prepared the dough .

Before baking one has first to stir and because some batters actually need 7 minutes of stirring, I’m very happy about my Kitchen Aid.

TIn the meantime I greased the form, because even a silicone mold should be greased (as I now know).


This is the new mold I can use now.


It wasn’t easy to transport this little wobbly thing to the oven, it was a challenge. Next time I’ll put them just before at the baking sheet.

The result of 25 minutes baking looked very tasty.

The dough was already very delicious licked out from the bowl . With melted chocolate, real vanilla, strong coffee no wonder. These are all things that I likes otherwise too.


After cooling, the ising made of egg white, sugar, and vanilla came.

It must be stirred too even seven minutes, thanks to my beloved machine no problem for me.


And now on the cake, I could use my new Deco Queen for spraying the Ising.

Of which there are unfortunately no pictures because I needed both hands to do it.

But this was the result:


The flowers and leaves i have put at it too.


Next time i have to stir the ising more, because it was a little bit fluffy , put i am very proud of my first Cupcakes.


They tasted very well.


Next week there are flower cookies, with my new flower cutters.

Would you like to see them?

We will probably now increase 5 kg weight, but it’s worth it;-)

Love sweet greetings