Quilting fabric in the Embroidery Machine

The idea for this new embroidery file I got from one of my longtime testers, Cornelia of Zwergenwelt.

Cornelia desired a quilted fabric, to be more clear, an embroidery file to create own fabric with different patterns in different sizes. It sounded an interesting idea and today I am sharing with you the result of my work.

The embroidery machine is doing the quilting work: With the file “Quilted Fabrics” you can quilt squares, rectangles, circles, ovals and hexagons in perfect patterns.

Go and clamp your batting and create your own quilt fabric.

And to make it not easy for you you can chose from 4 different sizes.

The quilted fabrics you create can be used for a lot of things.

I did 2 cosmetic bags from it.

When you like them, here is the instruction:


First the half-round bag:

First embroider the file with the circle. I used soft stabilizer. This stays with the fabric.

Atop the stabilizer I put a 5mm batting and on top of this comes the rose fabric. Alltogether is clamped to the hoop and the embroidery machine does it’s work.

After embroidering the circle is cut out with 5mm seam allowance.


Take the divisible zipper and divide it. It has to be 12cm longer then the circle circumfence.

Put it to the edge, teeth down to the inside. Quilt it with the zipper foot.IMG_2544Looks like this:

Cut a circle from lining in the same size as your quilted circle.IMG_2547

Place the lining right to right on the circle with the zipper, to loose ends of the zipper to the inside.

Fixate it with pins or wonderclips.IMG_2548

Sew from the backside (the quilted one) directly onto the previousely sewed seam.

Leave a 6cm turn opening.IMG_2549

Turn your project and get the zipper ends. Close the opening.

Now the challenge is to join the zipper.IMG_2550This is how it looks now.

The zipper is now looking to the lining side.IMG_2551

To bind the loose zipper end cut out a 3x8cm piece of fabric and iron the edges.


Fold the fabric right to right and sew the open left and right sides. Turn, iron and move it to the zipper end.

Secure all with a seam.IMG_2553Does you project look like the pic below?IMG_2554

Now put over the bag (the zipper moves inside), and you are done.IMG_2556

Do a little embellishment on the zipper.

The other bag I did from 2 quilted rectangles. I used the 20x30cm file, but the 13x18cm file and the other sizes will work as well.


First do the rectangles. With the rectangle as template cut 2 pieces lining.

The zipper has to be 10cm longer then the longer side of the rectangle.IMG_2558

Divide the zipper, put it with teeth down onto the quilted fabric.

On top comes now the lining.IMG_2559

Sew all 3 pieces together, try to be as close as possible at the teeth.

Open, and iron

Place the zipper…
IMG_2563 … and close it for 1/3.IMG_2564

Now again open your pieces and put it together, that the quilted fabrics and the linings are one above the other.

Fixate all.IMG_2565

Do one seam around, leave an 8cm opening.IMG_2566

Pull the bag, do not yet turn.

All 4 corners will be quilted. Do a line in 2cm from the corner and quilt the corner.IMG_2567

Cut the remainder.

Do this with the upper fabric and the lining corners.IMG_2568

Now it is time for turning.

Close the turning, do some embellishment work.

And here we have 2 perfectly quilted bags. Great!Stickbaer-Quilted-Fabric-Tati-12

Of course you can do some embroidery with one of our embroidery motifs.Stickbaer-Quilted-Fabric-Tati-6This is our “Rose et Lavande”.Stickbaer-Quilted-Fabric-Tati-7 Stickbaer-Quilted-Fabric-Tati-10

Let me know about your projects.

Thanks again, Cornelia for this idea.

You can get the new file today in our Stickbaer Shop.Stickbaer-Quilted-Fabric-Tati-11Have a great weekend.

Liebe Grüße



Happy Bunnies

There are only a few weeks left til Easter.

But, it does not really like like Spring: Today we have more snow then the whole winter, it is gray and cold.

And this is called “meteorological spring start”. Nobody likes this weather. The snowdrop and crocus don’t like to show up at all.

Where is the spring with the first warm sun beams, with blooming spring beds and bunnies babies?

If the last are not outside then I make my own inside the house.

Look, this is our new Easter file:

These bunnies ar eso cute we called them “Happy Bunnies”.

they have nice embellishments, ribbons, bibs. The bib is included in the collection.


Included as well is an Easter egg with bunny applique and drooping ears.

The same egg as mugrug.

The mugrug has the turn openig on the backside, the hanging egg at the side.


Mom and kid.

The peeks are colored with crayon.Stickbaer-Happy-Hasis-ITH-Tati-7 Stickbaer-Happy-Hasis-ITH-Tati-8

And I included a “bunny” heart to hang and one as mugrug.Stickbaer-Happy-Hasis-ITH-Tati-9

you can get your copy of our Happy Bunnies ITH for the 13x18cm and 16x26cm hoops from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Did I mention how fast and easy they are made?!

Enjoy your weekend.

Liebe Grüße



A 1st Christmas Freebie and our new Christmas Bags

Like every year in the time before Christmas we have prepared some surprises for you.

We want to thank you for the year you spent with us, and of course hope we will see you next year as well.

Our first gift is 2 gingerbread men embroidered as applique.

If you are new to applique we have prepared some tutorials for you.

You can embroider 2 files. The smaller motif is for the 10x10cm hoop, the bigger guy is for the 13x18cm or the 14x14cm hoop.

Here is the link to the download file that comes with the 7 most relevant file formats (ART, exp, pes, jef, hus, vp3 und dst) and the color and size overview:



Of course we have a new embroidery file in the shop this week.

As a supplement to our Christmas Labels that we released last week we are now adding the Christmas Bags ITH.

They are done in no time and you have a bag ready in a fraction of the time it would take to sew a bag.

They are fully lined and don’t have visible seams.

All in all they are perfect to create gift wrapping for Christmas presents.


BTW, not to forget the sustainability, as you can collect the bags and re-use them for next Christmas.Stickbaer-Weihnachtssaeckchen-Tati-1 Stickbaer-Weihnachtssaeckchen-Tati-2

Here I show you what a wonderful supplement the Christmas Bags are to our Christmas Labels.Stickbaer-Weihnachtssaeckchen-Tati-3

Although it is to late for this years Advent Calendar, you can use the bags for next years calendar.Stickbaer-Weihnachtssaeckchen-Tati-5 Stickbaer-Weihnachtssaeckchen-Tati-6

Have fun with the gingerbread men and our Christmas Bags. Enjoy the 2nd Advent and the weekend.

Liebe Grüße



My new Roses Bag

Sometimes it simply takes some time. That’s why this bag became a year project of mine.

The really great pattern I got from Machwerk. It is their bag “Arya”. I cutted out and embroidered to bag’s pieces already one year ago. Yes, you are reading right, one year.

Then something different came to my mind … and I forgot about it.

But now I finished it.


My “Arya” is bright and “rosy”. The front has a cross-stitch rose by my own.

It looks handmade but is done on the machine with 30 cotton thread.


In the bag I used some roses fabric.


The leather handles I made from some may green leather remnants and the needed metal pieces according to the ebook of Machwerk.

It is really easy to do. So you handle makers: I have no need to buy in future from you 😉


The back of my bag has a pocket with a zipper.


The idea for the leather pompon I also got from Machwerk, another inspiration of their Martina.


The inner pockets are for the smartphone and Krimskrams (german for odds and ends).


Now I am waiting for the summer to show the world my new creation.


The roses motif is from the embroidery file “Rosenkreuzstich”.


Why not offer this file and the little sister “Rosenkreuzstich” for the 13x18cm hoop this week as the Deal of the Week in our Shop?


So you can sew and embroider your own roses Arya right now.

Enjoy a beautiful and sunny weekend.

Liebe Grüße



Crazy Patchwork

Some time ago we presented you our Patchwork-Minis and our Patchwork-Alphabet.

You liked the edges around the cute motifs very much and asked if we could not offer more embroidery of this style.

And here we go:


The numbers 0 to 9 and the beutiful motifs like hart, house, tree flower and more are done in no minute, since they are underlayed with fabric. They are accomplished with the matching alphabet:


To not let the fabrics edges show underneath our special applique stitches we want to show you how to do this. It is a little bit different from the already known Way of Applique.


The ZIP download files contain for each embroidery motif a PDF file with the applique template. As an alternative you can use this for applique with the sewing machine.

Print it out, remember to check your printers setting for “no scaling” or “100% scaling” or so.


Put the cut-out, mirror-inverted paper motif onto Vliesofix or Steam a seam.


Now cut the motif out and remove the back layer. Iron the Vliesofix on the back of your fabric …


… and cut precisely at the line. Do the same with all fabric pieces you need.


Now start embroidery. First the placing line.

Now you would usually place the fabric and stitch it with the next stitching sequence.


Instead, you now place the already prepared fabric patch into the marker line. Iron the applique patch onto you base layer. Use a mini or travel iron.


The last applique step now adds the nostalgic step we want to have in this project.

Proceed with the other motifs the same way.


What you get is a clean perfect applique, like this on my new machine cover.


So when my Bernina now has a longer rest it is safe of dust.

Stickbaer-Flicken-Patchwork-Tati-4 Stickbaer-Flicken-Patchwork-Tati-6

On one side I pit a pocket:


For rolling cutter and ruler.


This little pin cushion perfectly matches the cover, I took it from this embroidery file:


And, since we are talking about useful things: I used the new motifs also for these kitchen towels:



Do you like our nostalgic appliques? You can get them from today on in our Stickbaer Shop.

There we have the Patchy Appliques and the Patchy Applique Letters.

Please enjoy this 1st of May day and a have a nice weekend.

Seid alle lieb gegrüßt



A cuddly quilt from dreamy Fabrics

Now it is the time to show you what I did the last weeks in my little sewing room.

Since my work was about the birthday gift for my mam, and she is reading this blog, I couldn’t unhide this earlier.

So enjoy the pics (and I am saving the words).

These MODA-Precuts I found during my last V7 workshop in Stoffekontor Leipzig last november. I loved them so much that I could move them over to my home in Bavaria.


Especially the Jelly Rolls I wanted to use for something special. Not to cut them but use the full length of them. Sure, a striped quilt.



From the remnants I made a pillow top.

Of course all has been quilted with the Sashiko. With my favourite quilt thread color, red.


The backside is a cuddly fabric from “Dänisches Bettenlager”, a German textile shop. A fabric from better quality, it should last a while.



It took me to the last minute, but I made it to the birthday of my mom.

And she was so happy.


And I made a new cosmetics bag for her. She likes my DIY cosmetics.

I found the instruction on Pinterest and thought that I have to try this.



Do you remeber my DIY-Tutorial about the YoYos?




We have beautiful sun today.

Maybe we get the bike from the winter garage and try it???

Enjoy the next days.

Liebe Grüße



Cheating Paper Piecing

In this former post I already reported about my trials with hexies. The little basket is still doing it’s job and is taking anything flying around.

As I am not that patient when it comes to new techniques I was looking for a way to sew together hexagons using the Paper Piecing technique in my sewing machine.

It is easier as I thought it would be.

First cut out the paper patterns and the fabrics you want to use. I am cutting the fabrics with my Accuquilt, there I have a punch in 3 sizes. This is very useful.

Place the pattern on the fabric, turn the corners and fixate all with pins, paper clips or such clips as on the picture. The blue ones are from Snaply.

Now fixate the fabrics on the paper with a few running stitches, so you can remove the former fixation (pins and clips).


Find your order for your hexies. Replacing only 2 can change the whole impression a lot.


Now lets move to the sewing machine.

Chose a stitch similiar to this one below. This should run left and right from the middle line, and if possible in the middle as well. Or you use a zigzag. Width should be 2-2.1.

Face thread transparent monofil, bobbin acc. to your fabric.


Chose a foot with middle guidance, on my Bernina I am using the No. 10. Put your hexies edge to edge, no overlap. The guidance of the foot should run inbetween.

Now start sewing very slowly. The transparent thread is sticked right and left in the hexies thus joining them together invisibly.


Do this to all hexies.


For all.


Leave the paper and the tacking thread on the hexies, only when all is done you can remove them.


Over the weekend I created some smaller things with mini hexies.


I think no one can see if they are done by hand or with the sewing machine.


Of course I did some quilting too. On the back of the cosmetic pouch is a little quilted rose.

So now I have a real set of hexie things 😉


And I did some stirring as well this weekend.

This time I tryed to make my own Lush “Gorgeous” face creme. It is smellling the same, looking the same and feels super on my skin. Using Neroli water, honey, avocado oil, olive oil and more.

I am still testing.

Habt alle noch einen schönen Sonntag.

Liebe Grüße



From Precut to Advent wreath

The Advent wreath is essential for the advent and christmas times. Of course we have a traditional wreath with 4 candles on the table. On the house door we have a wreath made of fir. In the garden the wreath are “enriched” with bird seed.

Since yesterday we have another one. This one is just: beautiful. And with these fabrics it is really easy. It is Moda fabric.

When I stayed in Stoffekontor for my V7 course I used the time between the lessons to grub around in the wide and dream-like fabric shop. I love this! Since a while Stoffekontor is offering Moda-Precuts as well. And in a broad selection so it is hard to chose from.

So I put a colorful seelction into my basket.


For my project I needed 3 Charm Packs. Each pack consists of 40 pieces of 5×5″ each. As christmas fabric I chose the Solstice together with a Green- and  Red- uni color.


After finishing my selections I had 35 pieces of 5×5″ (12.5×12.5cm) each in front of me.


This is the blank wreath I used. I got it on a Patchworking fair in Erding near Munich earlier this year.


From the fabric squares I sewed such pillows with a small opening on the back side.


The pillow I stuffed with batting. Leave the opening open.


Tie the pillows to the wreath with bast. This hides the openings.


Maybe you attach a bell to some of the pillows.


What a wreath.



The wreath was easy to make. Sure I will do another one, maybe with the spring-colored dotted fabrics for the time after christmas.

Enjoy the 2nd advent week.

Liebe Grüße



Our first Advent Freebie

Those of you that are members of the Stickbaer family for a longer time already know that every year in December we have some presents for you.

Of course our  Stickbaer-Advent Calendar is the biggest gift we are making. Every day til Christmas you find here current embroidery files for less money.


But we also have some Freebies for you, together with detailled tutorial each.

So every Friday now you can find a new Freebie in the Stickbaer Blog for download.


Today’s freebie is for all mums, grannies, bigger sisters of long-hair girls. We put together a tutorial, including the embroidery files, how to embroider a Poinsettia Hair clip Cover.


It is easy to do. You can do many, maybe for the Kindergarden friends?

Download the files here:

Stickbaer-Christmasfreebie-Hairclip Cover

In the Zip file you find in one folder with the embroidery files for the base, the pointsettia leaves and the poinsettia petals. Means 3 files, each in ART, exp, pes, dst, vp3, hus and jef formats.

They are made for the 10x10cm hoop. In one run you can do 2 covers.

And you need:

  • hair clips of appr. 5cm
  • wool felt 1mm in red, green and another colour
  • pearls, bells or small buttons for the inside of the flower


Let’s go:

First we do the clip cover.

Use tear away fleece and embroider first color.


Place some felt.


Color 2 embroiders the edge of the clip covers.


Remove  the hoop from the machine, NOT the fleece from the hoop.

Turn the hoop.


Place another piece of felt onto the backside overlapping the already done work.

Fixate it with 2-3 stripes tape.


Turn it again, front will be upside again, mount the hoop back to machine.

The last color embroiders now with a thicker stich thus sewing together front and back sides.


Now you can remove all from machine. Tear away the fleece and cut off the the covers with 1mm allowance.


Now, carefully, do not cut the seam, cut an opening from one side to the other.


Look at the image how to pace the clip.


Use a curved sissors to hide the end of the clip.

You may want to close the opening with some stitches.


That’s so far for the cover, let’s proceed with the green leaves.

Take another fleece and clamp it to the hoop and embroider color 1.


Place felt and embroider color 2.


Chose a matching thread color.


The red petals are made the same way.




Now you can cut all leaves with 1mm allowance. 2 red flowers are bigger then the others, they are the the bottom layer.


Stack your pieces a little bit rotated: green, bigger red, smaller red, fixate with a few stitches and add some embellishment, like bell or knob.

Or you use yellow pearls, or dots embroidered with thick wool.


The final step is to glue the flowers onto the clip…

You are done. Easy, ha?

Can you hear the bell?




You can use other felt colors to create daffs, daisies or marguerites.


Enjoy our tutorial and of course the 2nd Advent sunday.

Liebe Grüße

Euer Stickbär und Eure


An Embroidered Felt Basket – DIY Tutorial and Freebie

Today I’m making you a gift. Or even 2. It is an embroidery file Freebie and a tutorial for a nice felt basket.

You can combine both by embroidering the freebie onto the felt basket, or just use each for itself.

The freebie is an Ilex branch, small and nice, and a perfect motif when starting preparations for Christmas.


It is a goodie from our new embroidery collection released today in our Stickbaer Shop.


Do you remember the birdie?

You already met it on our 2014 Christmas Stocking.


Here comes another one:


 I like it on the wool felt.


Such felt basket is sewed in no time. You can leave it as it is, our embellish it with embroidery motifs.

I did 2 baskets, one with the birdie from the embroidery collection “Jolly Holly” and the other with the Ilex branch. The last you can download here:



You can fill the basket with nuts, sweets or deco. See these guys taking care for the basket.


Maybe an angel…


Now I will show you how to do the basket.

Tutorial Felt Basket

Cut a square felt, wool felt or textile felt. The felt needs to be a little bit heavier to have some stand. Not to soft.

Use a rotary cutter.


I want to use the birdie from my latest embroidery collection.


To correctly place it I have to divide the felt into 9 segments.

First draw the central square.

Now, extend the lines to the end of the felt. The 4 corner squares should have the same size.

Keep the right angles (although my picture is looking odd).

Now you found the place for your embroidery motif.


Cut off the 4 corners.


With the ruler and, when you have it, a waved rotary cutter, you cut the other 4 rectangles. Remember, they have to be the same length.

The waved edge is looking very special. However, sissors or the common rotary cutter will do the job as well.

Fell free to add rick-rack or braid later.


Sew together the central square and the side parts. Accurately place the pieces one above the other.


Sew close to the selvedge to the inner square.


Finish all 4 sides. Maybe add some ribbon?


Add more decoration like this bell.

Cut out another piece of felt that suites to the back of the embroidery motif, if you like to hide it from the back.


Glue it and secure it with pegs.


That’s it. 5 minutes without the embroidery.

Now you can do your second one. Vary the size or shape, maybe a hexagon?

I stay with my 2!


Or you use the ilex allover from our new embroidery file to embellish a bigger version of the felt basket.


Have a nice time and enjoy

  • the new embroidery file “Jolly Holly”
  • our freebie
  • our free tutorial

Have a nice weekend .