Now, in autumn, it is time for handcrafting

After 3 weeks of summer vacation here is my “I am back”! I am full of energy and my head gets screwed up because of the many ideas I already have.

During the vacation I had so many ideas. You will see this over the next weeks.

Probably you know this: when you stop one thing for a while after some time it is tying you back with even more enthusiasm then before. So it happened to me. After the time off all doing is very easy now and that’s why I can present my first “after vacation” file today.

The inspiration I got when sitting on the holiday terrace and doing crocheting. My crochet needles, the thick wool embroidery needles and the knitting needles I brought in a cosmetic bag. It was not that easy to find the right needle in this mess.

But now there is an easy and useful solution:

The “Needle case”.


All crocheting and knitting needle can find a place here. Each needle has it’s place. One can sort the needles by size. So it is easy to find the right one.

Why couldn’t I have this idea earlier?!


Crocheting needles can go into the narrow pockets, while thicker needles or round-knitting needles go into the wider pockets.


The upper part will be folded over and snapped on so nothing slides out.

So ingenious!


When rolled I can carry the needles safe or put them to the wool basket.Stickbaer-Nadelmaeppchen-Tati-4

On the backside of the needle case is an additional pocket for crocheting or knitting instructions.Stickbaer-Nadelmaeppchen-Tati-5

All is now in one place. I can start crafting on my current project without extensive search.Stickbaer-Nadelmaeppchen-Tati-6

Even circular needles get their place.


there is an option for every embroidery hoop size:

The 13x18cm case has 10 narrow and 2 wide pockets,

the 16x26cm case has 10 narrow and 4 wide pockets and

the 18x30cm case has 12 narrow and 6 wide pockets.

All sizes have a large pocket on the backside.Stickbaer-Nadelmaeppchen-Tati-8

Now it is on you to decide for your size.

Or you go for one of our sets with several sizes.Stickbaer-Nadelmaeppchen-Tati-9

And now? Are you up for hand-crafting? Do our Needle case now and you can start your autumn wool project in an ordered manner.Stickbaer-Nadelmaeppchen-Tati-10

All files for the “Needle case” are available from today in our Stickbaer Shop.

Enjoy your weekend. Be creative!

Liebe Grüße