Have sewed, need to show.

There was not to much time over the last weeks for sewing. I was upgrading my bike driving license to the open one. I started earlier this year with only the A1 license.

Now that I have the open license I don’t have an appropriate bike. It is somewhere at the sea shipping to Germany.

But I have now time for sewing again. The first little project I finished was a dress for me.



The pattern I found at Schnittquelle, it is named “Ajaccio”.

It is an ingenious pattern. Super easy to sew (although the attached instruction is small they have a pictured instruction on their blog).

I ordered size 36 what is perfect for me here. Usually I’m inbetween 34 and 36, and Ajacco is smaller.IMG_0743

I shortened the length for 10cm, I like it more above the knee. Looks better with my 1,59m length 😉IMG_0746

Nevertheless I am not yet sure to make a shirt from the dress. There are to many curls.

Last year I did this shirt from the same pattern and I love it much.


Another finished piece is a table runner for the dining table.

Here it is posing at the land of our garden pond 😉


It is not bright enough for photos in the dining room.IMG_0489

Quilting done with my Sashiko, of course.IMG_0490

The appliques I did with the sewing maching and a triple stitch.

I explained this earlier in the Bernina Blog.IMG_0491

Something else?

Yes, this doiley for my friend Karin.


And this plate from an Ufo.


IMG_0540 IMG_0541

Do you know what I am doing next? Over the last days I developed a cute tiny embroidery file. This weekend I will embroider it and create a lot of christmas decorations out of it. I know it is still October. Better too early …

So I have to go to my crafting room…

Enjoy the weekend, many greetings.



Sewed just for me

I am sewing every day, something.

A pillow, a quilt, gift labels, bags, purses. Of course samples for our Shop.


For months now I did not sew anything for me personally. I only was not in the mood for sewing such. do you understand this? No mood for sewing a certain type of things? Although, there is no lack of great fabrics.

And then, last week, I found a forum post and thread about dresses that can be sewed fast and got infected by the idea.

Especially one became my favorite.

I even payed the additional Paypal fee to receive this pattern as fast as possible.

I never payed that much before for such easy pattern (that only comes in one size) but I peaked a lot of pictures at Google …

Size 36 should fit so I started to cut a treasure brown rose jersey.

It was not enough for a dress but for a shirt.


It fits perfectly.


I did no changes.


Perfect with jeans and boots.


I liked it so much that I wore it on a class reunion.

An yesterday evening I did a variant from turquoise fabric.

These pictures I will show you later, I need somebody to shoot me …

For sure, I had no regrets about buying the pattern.

BTW, the pattern is “Ajaccio” from Schnittquelle.

The next I’ll try is a dress. Therefore I need a little bit more fabric.

Greetings, enjoy this new week.



Big Girlz

Do you like our Doodles?

For 2 years now I am co-operating with Kasia and you can see the results of our work in the Shop category “Doodles”.

Most of the motifs are for the 13x18cm hoop, some are for the 10x10cm hoop.

But there aren’t any motifs bigger then that. So I was begging Kasia for for a way out. I aksed her to sketch some bigger girls, with lots of details to embroider.

I was heard and as soon as I received the drawings I started to give them life.

So now I have here girls for the 18x30cm hoop, or for the 16x26cm hoop or the 20x26cm hoop.

It is your choice!


The first test for all my embroidery files are the reactions of my testers. What would they say?

All of them replyed with a clear  “Yeah, let me test it, …”. All their results should me that the time had come for Big Girlz Doodles.

Look at Sandra‘s creation, a complete collection for her angel.


Isn’t she looking like an angel…


Together with the coat she got a new baker boy cap…


And all the others, look what they created.

I am sure you now have your own ideas for your Big Girlz. From today you can find them in our Stickbaer Shop.

We wish you a nice weekend, and to all of you who have now school free, enjoy the holidays!

Liebe Grüße



Felt Slippers

Some months ago I got some nice felt slippers. I decorated them with felt flowers. They were really expensive and …

after some week they got broken.

Since I like the felt slippers in winter time so I decided to get new ones.  Just in time I received the newsletter from Buttinette, where “pure” felt slippers had been reduced in price.


In this shape they are really looking boring, made for grandpas.

So I took my large pool on wool felt and my beloved Accuquilt. I punched out tons of flowers and leafs.


On the BERNINA 780 I sewed together the single layers. I took cotton thread or wool thread and the triple stitch on the sewing machine.


Sewing really slowly. The result is a 3D flower.


With the roll cutter I cutted some ribbons.


Finally I glued this all with textile glue to the slippers.


Sure, grandpa wouldn’t like them now! But I like them 🙂

I wish you a nice week.



Sweet dreams, guaranteed

I need new sleepwear, hm … Urgently!

Not some baggy shirts, but some what really sweet!

For example something like this:


Embellished and embroidered.

And still comfortable, because woman wants to be nestled comfortably:



It was important to me that embroidery will not be scratchy, for we know that you wear under the pajamas only yourselves;-)

So I mounted my Design Works tool to the BERNINA and painted a bit, first a writing …



… then a bunny.


Finally, I have circled the whole thing with only a subtle engraving.

So nothing is scratching, and is not stiff, just as I had imagined.



The lace is also a very gentle, soft, fluffy. Which scratches either.


And I am so happy with my new shirt.


Unfortunately, my pink and gray jerseys are gone, I need to urgently buy supplies, but then I’ll sew a matching pants and 2 more shirts.

With other motives. But at least painted and embroidered. Be surprised


Next week I will show you in the BERNINA-Blog exactly how such a motive will be created in the software in no time.


Tomorrow it goes but for now here with us further with new embroidery files.

Kasia has thought of all those in love and sent me great drawings.

I have digitized for you the Valentinsdoodles embroidery designs.

Starting tomorrow at Stickbär-Shop.


First I must now order materials.

Have a nice day.


Liebe Grüße