Printing on paper and fabric – with the same design

Inspired by Kasias Ebook about the fabric labels I spent some time on the weekend with my printer. The weather on Sunday wasn’t the best, it was raining and windy, brrr…

So I created in Photoshop labels and other graphics and printed them on fabric. These pieces I then sewed onto the red with white dots fabric with deco stitches.


Even the ribbons are printed myself..


This bag I will give to a friend for birthday. I hope she isn’t reading this post.

Attached will be this tag.

It has the same design like on the front of the bag and is printed on heavy 180g paper.


And because I had so much fun I printed, cutted and glued some more tags.

I am using these 2mm thick tapes. Then it is looking more plastic.


Of course I made an Easter card.


And, because still some paper was left, a box.


That’s enough tinkering for today, now I have to embroider.

If you knew … what I have already in my creative room for you. Such nice designs. Stay tuned.

Heartly Tuesday greetings.



There’s nothing to show…

…before Christmas time 😉

 For everything that I recently sew or embroider or tinker is in any way a secrecy. And since all that get such a secrecy from me, read along here in my blog, I can just show nothing.

What a pitty…

But at least a couple of paper tinkering you can look at today.

Christmas cards, stars, winter tins … And I don’t tell you now, who gets what, then the secrecy will go on 🙂






And then I was going to necessarily point to our old New Gallery. Since November we have our  new Shop, thats why the gallery was temporaly off. We wanted to redesign it.

Now we have a  brand new Gallery, with a new fresh design.

Today I uploaded the last pictures which were sent to me by you. I will be happy if you could sent us some new pictures of things you done about our embroidery files.

Please sent me the pictures by mail, so I can publish them.


And I would say:

Thank you, for the lovely mails and comments to our Stickbaer-Advent-calendar.

Such a big using, so many opened doors 🙂

I wish you all a great 3. advent week, don’t stress your self to much and find some quite and contemplative hours.